• Link Leadership Program

    EST. 2004

    Coconino High Schools’ Link Leadership (“Links”) 9th grade Transition/Mentoring Program creates a safe and positive learning environment for freshmen students transitioning into high school by fostering healthy social behavior, academic success, responsibility towards self and others as well as individual accountability. Selected junior and senior students serve as mentors to all freshmen students for the entire school year. Two Link Leaders are assigned to a team of 15-20 freshmen whom they give their guidance and assistance throughout the school year for academic and social purposes. Link Leadership begins the year with Freshmen Orientation that includes the entire incoming class of freshmen.  After an opening assembly students are divided into crews who then meet in separate classrooms for small group orientation activities lead by the Link Leaders. The focuses of these activities include getting to know other students and learning strategies for being successful throughout their high school career. Throughout the school year Coconino High Schools’ Link Leaders continually do new student tours, Academic Follow-Ups (special academic lessons taught in all freshmen classes by Link Leaders; topics include making choices, using resources on campus, dealing with peer pressure, looking at your future, understanding and acceptance of others, etc.), Social Follow-Ups (events on campus attended by freshmen and Link Leaders to help students and leaders stay connected), and Initiated Contacts which are individual or small group contacts made to freshmen crews by their Link Leader.  These contacts are intended to help support academic and social situations. Link Leaders are also encouraged to participate in various community service opportunities outside of school such as, assisting at the food banks, participating in celebrate youth day, paw placement (animal shelters), blood drives, tutoring, Adopt a Family, Special Olympics, volunteer coaching, and hosting a Shadows Foundation Event, “CHS Link Leadership Fashion Show” (non profit organization assisting people with terminal illnesses with financial assistance).

2015-2016 Link Leaders