IB Diploma: Earning the Diploma

  • To earn the IB Diploma, students must show proficiency in six subject areas and demonstrate proficiency and completion of three other components, the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and Creativity, Activity, and Service.

    In order for students to earn the IB Diploma, they must earn a minimum of 24 out of 45 possible points through "The Core", taking classes, and passing exams in each of the six subject groups. There are other specific requirements for the diploma, including how points are awarded and the minimum scores for various components.

    The six subject groups are Language A (the student's primary language of study), Language B (the student's language acquisition), Individuals and Societies (typically Social Studies classes), the Sciences (both lab and non-lab sciences), Mathematics, and the Arts.

  • IB Diploma Programme Components and IB Scores Possible

  • Points and Conditions Necessary to Successfully Earn the IB Diploma

The Core: Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay Points Matrix

  • The Theory of Knowledge assessment and the Extended Essay are given a letter grade, A-E, and then combined in this matrix to determine total possible points out of 3 for this component. A student cannot earn an E on either the ToK or EE.

The Core: Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay Points Matrix