IB Grading and Feedback Responsibilities

  • School Responsibilities:

    • Ensure collaboration and awareness on teachers’ part of grading and feedback processes in other DP courses
    • Ensure that teachers set and use consistent expectations and consistent vocabulary of grading and feedback in the DP courses
    • Provide opportunities for parent, student, and teacher feedback on grading practices
    • Facilitate both physical and electronic methods for easy, flexible, communication between teachers, parents, and students

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    • Maintain transparent and consistent grading expectations for their respective courses
    • Reinforce habits of reflection and inquiry by providing students dedicated, structured opportunities for criterion-referenced peer feedback and self-assessment before assigning a grade
    • Assign grades to summative assessments and provide feedback to formative assessments. Both grades and feedback should be criterion-referenced
    • Allow students opportunities to reflect on and use teacher and peer feedback to make changes to their work
    • Allow students opportunities to re-assess for a grade (format can be changed at teacher discretion)
    • Maintain a regularly updated grade book per district guidelines

    Student Responsibilities:

    • Maintain consistent awareness of grades and progress in Canvas, StudentVUE, and ManageBac
    • Provide descriptive feedback to peers and teachers to support student and teacher learning
    • Communicate with teachers when there is a concern about their grades
    • Use any feedback provided to make adjustments to work

    Rev. 1/14/2020

CHS IB Policies and Practices

  • Coconino High School, as an IB World School, is required to have in place five policies that guide the programme's implementation and development. For information about each policy please visit their respective pages: