History of Coconino High School

  • Coconino High first opened the doors to education in September of 1967. Since that time the building was remodeled twice, once in 1977and then again in 1989. In 1989 another major change occurred when ninth-graders were added to make our school a 9-12 grade configuration.   A consistency of Coconino High School since 1967 has been the quality of education that our students receive year in and year out. We are fortunate to have the highest quality of educators, devoted and dedicated students and a curriculum that is challenging and diverse.

    The new millennium brought with it new challenges, new opportunities, and more state testing to our school. As in the past, our school community will work together to meet those challenges of the future and continue to provide opportunities for our students.

    In 2010 our school experienced a new opportunity when we welcomed many students from the former Sinagua High School.  "The Merge", as it was called allowed us to add many outstanding students to our population and accept them as Coconino Panthers.