• Killip Chess Masters 


    Program Coordinator:  Bill Cheney


    All groups meet Monday - Thursday from 3:15-4:30 throughout the duration of the school year. 


    Monthly tournaments across Flagstaff offer opportunities for students to compete and measure their growth.  Check with your coaches regarding these events.
    Tournaments in the fall generally have a free section for new players wanting to explore the realm of tournament chess.  
    If you have any questions regarding Killip Chess Masters, please feel free to contact 773-4080.
    Mission Statement:
    Our mission is to increase the quality of life for those students, parents, and community members involved in Killip Chess Masters.
    The following goals have been identified as the key components of completing our mission:
    (1) Provide any student wishing to participate, a safe place to learn and play chess

    (2) Engage all club parents in the development of the club.

    (3) Engage all coaches in the development of their chess skill.

    (4) Engaging students in community activities/fundraisers.

    (5) Foster student academic achievement in all classroom subjects.

    (6) Foster a team attitude and environment for parents and students.


    The past few school years have been a great success for Killip Chess.

    We have hosted a number of tournaments at the local level here in Flagstaff. These smaller tournaments are a wonderful way for beginning students to learn about and become comfortable in the tournament setting.

    Killip Chess Masters is looking for players of any age and ability level. We have structured coaching at 5 different levels from beginning piece movement to the more advanced concepts and tactics of the game. All levels will be coached Monday-Thursday from 3:15-4:30. If you have any questions regarding Killip Chess Masters, please feel free to contact Bill Cheney at 773-4080.