Our Killip Garden and Garden Club


    The Killip Garden allows for hands-on learning and provides food for the Killip community.

  • Garden and Nutrition Education

    The Killip garden has become an integral part of developing STEM at Killip. The garden has grown to be an excellent channel for hands-on project-based learning with the efforts of Killip staff and community partners.

    The garden is utilized within every classroom on campus in a way that supports the curriculum and statewide standards. 

    Aligning the garden curriculum with the academic standards allows garden time to not take away from academic time while still teaching students how to grow and prepare their own food in a sustainable, safe, and financially responsible way that will have benefits throughout their lives.

     students observing plants      students in our outdoor classroom in the Killip Garden      students planting together in the first grade garden beds      student working in the Killip Garden compost piles

  • Garden Club

    During the school year we have several Garden Clubs available for students to join. 

      microgreens  preparing plants for the new garden  bonito garden visit students at Bonito garden

  • Nutrition Education

    When possible, we provide nutrition classes in the classrooms as well as an after-school club option.

    Students in cooking and nutrition clubs get the opportunity to learn how to prepare and compose a balanced and nutrient dense diet in accordance with MyPlate standards and dietary recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Students have the chance to practice basic knife handling skills, appropriate appliance use (such as dehydrators, stoves, blenders) weight and measurement of solids and liquids, and kitchen safety.

    making hummus    plates with a rainbow of fruits


  • Community Involvement

    During the 2022-2023 school year, the students started creating the new Killip Garden. The U of A Coconino Cooperative Extension Office is currently hosting "Cooking from Your Garden" workshops on Wednesday nights from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the Killip Garden at 2300 E 6th Ave. 

    Let us know if you would like to help in the vegetable or pollinator gardens at Killip.

    Please contact our STEM Coordinator, Sheryl Wells, if you are interested in getting involved!

          students putting together Vego beds for the garden  students adding soil to the raised beds students planting pollinator plantsour ring of sunflowers for a sunflower house a photo of our garden with plants growing in raised beds

  • Produce Pick-Ups

    Due to construction and other issues, we have not been able to host the Flagstaff Family Food Center mobile food bank recently.

    However, they are located just up Fourth Street at Coconino Community College every Friday, from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm.  For more information about produce pick-up sites, you can go to https://hotfood.org/find-food/.


                                        mobile food bank 1.     mobile food bank 2.     mobile food bank 3           

  • Special Events

    We hope to bring back some of these special activities when we move into the new building.

    Fall- Harvest Festival is a celebration of all things regarding local food. The event features tours of the Killip Garden, food booths from local restaurants, games run by Killip staff, and activities from the Arboretum, Refugia Gardens, the YMCA, and so much more.

    Winter- Winter Food Pantry is an opportunity for us at Killip to make sure our families have food over the extended school closure for Winter Break. One of our Killip classrooms is turned into a FREE grocery store featuring fresh produce, canned goods, boxed goods, and snacks. All food is collected through a series of food drives hosted by local businesses around Flagstaff.

    Spring- Cesar Chavez Day is a community service day where families, community groups, local businesses, and, of course, all of our students, come together to make improvements to our school grounds, including our pond and garden. Volunteers prepare areas for planting. Each year, the projects are chosen by students and executed by teams of individuals from all backgrounds led by our AmeriCorps STEM VISTA member, Garden Coordinator, and other STEM staff.

  • Contact Us

    Sheryl Wells
    STEM Coordinator
    (928) 773-4080 ext 2422