Our Killip Garden and Garden Club


    The Killip Garden allows for hands-on learning and provides food for the Killip community.

  • Community Involvement

    We are always looking for more help and volunteers from the community in the garden! During the growing season, the garden is open to the community to plant, maintain, and harvest. Community garden hours are every Friday from 12:30 - 1:30 pm. It is also possible to set up other times as needed. Please contact our garden coordinator, Sarah Mason, if you are interested in getting involved.


    Students, volunteers, and family member pulling weeds in the garden       Students with watering cans and a parent pulling weeds in the garden along with our garden volunteer Ms. Roth

  • Garden Club

    The after-school garden club meets from 4:30 - 5:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Our after-school garden club consists of 2nd-5th grade students who wish to understand the gardening process from seed to table. They learn basic planting techniques and also how to successfully grow plants in our community garden. Students also learn how to harvest, prepare, and cook the plants they help grew and share them with the Killip Community.

    Our garden program works in collaboration with Northern Arizona University's First Year Seminar class, Farm-to-School, that teachers college freshmen about issues surrounding food security and youth education. Working with the Farm-to-School class at NAU brings great support to our garden program and school community.


       Preparing new beds     Students excited about a new and giving peace signs    View of the garden showing tomatoes and Corn

  • Garden Education

    The Killip garden has become an integral part of developing STEM at Killip. The garden has grown to be an excellent channel for hands-on project-based learning with the efforts of Killip staff, NAU graduate students, FoodCorps Service Members Marla Guggenheimer, Brooke Kahl, and Sarah Mason, along with Forestdale Farms, and other community partners.

    Students in the Garden Club learn about the processes involved in composting, plant growth, harvesting, using the produce for cooking, and all the hard work gardening requires. The garden is also used as an outdoor learning classroom for students during the regular school day to increase education about and appreciation for healthy foods and sustainable practices.


     View of a Try Day table for Kale Salsa set up by the garden     Learning about composting

  • Contact Us

    Sarah Mason
    FoodCorps Service Member
    (928) 773-4080 ext 2440