• Message from the Principal


    Flagstaff High School

    Recognized as an "Excelling" School by the State of Arizona


    Flagstaff High School believes that all students can and must achieve high standards. This learning community has a few academic priorities and does them well. Flagstaff High School offers:

    • Career and Technical Education Programs
    • Advanced Placement Courses and Exams
    • Honors Programs
    • Prevention Programs and Peer Counseling
    • Vocational Education Programs
    • WINGS Learning Academy


    I do not adhere to the idea that our standardized scores reflect academic excellence. The test is merely a point of departure not the end of our journey. Consequently, FHS has elected to design its curriculum to incorporate pathways to provide the platform to focus instruction around an isolated group of students’ interest, learning styles, and aptitudes through the four period block schedule and partnerships with Northern Arizona University, Coconino Community College, and various local businesses.


    This format permits educators to develop a personal relationship over an extended period of time with students. These personal relationships are crucial in motivating and nurturing students to achieve their potential in our global society. The administrative team and faculty at FHS believe that our curriculum must maintain its rigor and relevance in order to sustain the rich educational tradition of this community. Our overall goal is to reduce the harmful effects of poverty, to lower dropout rates, to improve graduation rates, and to create a feeling of vibrancy and excitement that stretches the abilities and imaginations of each student. Therefore, I extend to you an invitation to attend this city’s first established public school … Flagstaff High School. Join our rich mix of cultures that has created many unique and dynamic programs to improve academic and social achievement for the past 86 years!