SOARR Model


    Who is our audience?

    All the students and staff at FHS (not just the Native American community)

    What is SOARR?

    Stewards Observing and Advocating Relational Responsiveness. It is an intentional approach to utilize and open opportunities to access Indigenous knowledge and teaching to create an intentional foundation of culturally responsive pedagogy. Thus, creating a practice that will help support the success of all students from a fundamental site-based grassroots approach.

    Where did it come from?

    SOARR and all of its development was formed and established here at Flagstaff High School. This was possible through classroom observations, survey data, and data reports collected over the years from attendance, discipline, and student patterns found at Flagstaff High School. There was continual input and collaboration from parents, high school staff and teachers, NAU, Kinlani Dormitory, Indian Education Support Program, and members of the Flagstaff community.

    SOARR Model pdf

    SOARR Program Video created 2018-2019: