• Why Aquaponics?   
    Our aquaponics system is a prime example of our Project Based Learning method. Every day we are posed with new challenges to balance the nutrients in the system to grow various plants and sustain the fish in the tank. This is much easier said than done because there is not a simple book to tell the students (or even the instructor) how to solve each issue. Whenever a problem arises in the project, students work alongside their instructor to identify the symptoms of the problem and research the potential causes. Students in the project then undergo the scientific method by creating a hypothesis on what is causing the issue and implement an experiment to solve the problem. The students and instructor experience a series of trial and error until they resolve the issue.
    Through this project, students
    • Learn about nitrogen cycle
    • Test different chemical concentrations and see their effects
    • Identify and solve the problems presented
    • Test different plants in the systems (virtual towers, floating bed, and media bed)