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  • Flagstaff High School

    Strength and Conditioning

    Mission Statement - to provide FHS athletes the opportunity to participate in off-season preparation, strenghtening and conditioning as well as in-season maintenance programs for their respective sport and to provide FHS students not on sports teams the opportunity to participate in lifetime fitness activities.


    Philosophy – It is my belief that athletes become better at their sport by practicing on the field or court. However, a proper strength and conditioning program allows them to maximize their ability on the field or court and has potential to reduce injury rates. This is due to reduced fatigue and improvement of movement patterns and flexibility that can be learned through resistance training and conditioning.  In addition, I believe that there is abundant scientific evidence to support resistance training as a lifetime fitness activity for those not participating in competitive sports. Well-conditioned muscles have adequate strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination for sports participation or activities of daily living.


    Objectives –

    ·       SWBAT demonstrate proper technique in weight lifting exercises

    ·       SWBAT perform a proper warm-up prior to intense exercises

    ·       SWBAT include flexibility exercises in their resistance program

    ·       SWBAT achieve an adequate level of conditioning to participate in their sport to the best of their ability

    ·       SWBAT include recovery modalities in their conditioning program

    ·       SWBAT develop sufficient muscular conditioning for daily activities if they are not participating in competitive sports