• FHS Student Check Out 2020

    Due to COVID-19 and social distancing we have decided to collect and return student belongings utilizing a drive through process.  This process will involve students moving through a series of check points and will hopefully allow for safe return of school equipment as well as student belongings.  You will need to stay in your vehicle at all times.

     Check Out will be on the following days:  


    • Friday, May 22, 2020
    • Seniors
    • Tuesday, May 26, 2020
    • Juniors
    • Wednesday, May 27, 2020
    • Sophomores
    • Thursday, May 28, 2020
    • Freshmen



    Check Out will be from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.


    Our goal is to create the least amount of stress for families.  For families with children in different grades they may check out which ever day works for them, with the exception of Seniors who need to come on May 22nd in order to pick up their cap and gown.



    • Station 1:  Intake/Directions 

    Vehicles will enter the bus loading zone on Kendrick.  A staff member will provide the following:


    • SENIOR DAY (May 22nd) Students will receive their cap and gown


      • Overview and map
      • I-Pad color-coded form to be filled out prior to Station 2
      • Bag for Uniform with Uniform Inventory Form (if needed)
      • Pen for form completion (if needed)




    • Station 2A or 2B:  I-Pad and Textbook/Calculator/Instrument Return


    Vehicles will enter the Music Parking Lot off of Kendrick proceeding to the first open table and will RETURN:

      • I-Pads fully charged and with completed form
        • Staff will assess the I-Pad for damage
        • Accessories will be noted as turned in (or kept) and placed in crate
        • I-Pad checked in through Destiny, the electronic check out system



    • Textbooks/Calculators/Other School Property


        • Textbooks/calculators/Other will be checked in through Destiny, time permitting
        • Textbooks found in lockers and classrooms will have already been returned to the Library



    • Musical Instrument
    • Instruments should be in their cases with all accessories and labeled



        • Statement of Account 


    • Families will be given a pre-printed statement of account.  This is not a final bill but a current statement of your account which may change.  We are unable to collect payment on check out day.  Seniors should pay or make arrangements with Mr. Cullen prior to graduation.  If you have ParentVue bills may be paid online.



    If students have no further items to return or collect, families can exit through the student drop off entrance on to Elm Avenue.  If students need to collect belongings, ordered a Yearbook, have medications on file with the nurse or need to return an athletic uniform, etc. they will proceed to the student drop off area.




    • Station 3: Locker/Personal Belongings Pick-Up (Lockers, PE Lockers, CTE) Yearbook Delivery and Medication Return


    After entering the student drop off area in the front of the school, students will be able to collect their personal belongings.  Students will need to present a picture ID at this station.

      • Staff will collect student’s belongings from the Commons which will include locker, PE locker and CTE classrooms, etc. and return them to the student.
      • If a Yearbook was ordered it will be given to the student and checked off the list.
      • Medications held by the nurse will be returned (parents need to be present to collect medications for students under 18)


    If students do not have a uniform, or other items to return, families can exit through the Gym parking lot entrance on to Elm Avenue.  If students need to return athletic equipment or other school property not outlined above, they will proceed to the steps in front of the gym.




    • Station 4:  Athletic Uniform/Camera Collection/Odds and Ends 


    Students will proceed to the steps in front of the gym and return their bagged uniform with the inventory form inside the bag.

      • Students will utilize the bag and form received at the beginning of the process to return their athletic uniform.  Students need to be sure and include their name, sport and a list of the items returned.
      • Other items should be labeled and secured.


    School property not turned in will be charged to the student’s account, so be sure and turn everything in!


    Check out complete!!  Exit through the gym entrance on to Elm Avenue.





    • Please remember to practice social distancing and wear a mask during this process, this is to protect you and the staff working that day.  Please stay in your vehicle, at all times.
    • Be sure and bring your patience.  We will work as quickly as possible, but please know that there may be some extended wait times. 
    • Bring I-Pads fully charged.
    • I-Pad accessories (charger and cord) should be returned.
    • Be prepared to outline any problems or issues with your i-Pad
    • Bring picture ID (school and/or driver’s license)
    • Bring a pen in order to fill out forms
    • If for any reason you are unable to participate in the check out process, please contact Mr. Cullen at (928) 699-0486


    Have a great summer and for all our returning students, we look forward to seeing you next year!  Those of you off to new adventures, we wish you the best and would love an update on how and what you are doing!