• Dance Line

    Head Coach:  Erin Motes

  • Dance Line Try Out Results


    2020-2021 Dance Line

    (Sophmore through Seniors only.  Incoming Freshman will be added at the end of July)

    Abbey Alcoset

    Rylee Chiaverini

    Laurel Furstnow

    Katie Godfrey

    Carli Harper

    Shelby Hayes

    Bailey Klomann

    Madison Lorenzo

    Camryn McCullough

    Makayla Melvin

    Annastasia Molique

    Sophia Padilla

    Leah Richards

    Amy Ruiz

    Ashlee Sandoval

    Isabel Sedillo

    Kayleigh Smith

    Kylee Smith

    Lianna Smith

    Aubrey Swatzell

    Cassidy Westling








    Results will be posted after May 22 on this page!

    (Only grades 10 - 12 will be posted in May.  Incoming 9th graders will be notified by July 31st.)




    Due to the conditions related to the Covid-19 outbreak, virtual tryouts will be held to determine the 2020-2021 Dance Line. 

    Please follow the instructions below and see attachments in order to be considered for the 2020-2021 dance line. Please note on the paperwork and video(s) your name and what grade you will be in for the 2020-2021 school year.

    1. Complete and sign/date then resubmit the attached paperwork. (Deadline is May 1, 2020)

              *Tryout Agreement

                 1.  Signature page.

               *Contract Signature Page

               *Student Information Sheet


    1. Send each of your teachers the “Teacher Evaluation Link” to be filled out by them and submitted to me. This process will be through google forms. Link is below.  (Deadline is May 8, 2020) 


                Link for Teacher Evaluation: 



    1. Submit a video recording of your tryout routines and skills from the dance folder. Email them to me at erinlmotes@gmail.com . If you send it through Google Drive then please make sure I have access.         (The deadline for the videos is May 8, 2020). You will need to show yourself performing the following:

              *Dance Routine

              *Across the Floor Combination

              *Splits – right, left, and center

                (Please see demonstration videos for each of the above as well as the skills videos to help you                               develop the necessary skills implemented in the routine and combination).

    The AIA governing board restricts all high schools in Arizona from choosing incoming freshman to be on the cheer or dance teams, until after July 27thIf you are an incoming freshman please submit the requirements in steps 1-3. You will not be judged at this time.  This will give us an opportunity to have your paperwork in place and for you to be familiar with the process.  Your “official” tryouts will take place the week of July 27th. More details will be posted later.  Incoming freshman will also be invited to attend our planning meetings and camp which are to be determined later.


    Required Paperwork 

    *Please read the attached PDF files then fill out the corresponding google forms to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated in the PDF files.

  • Dance Technique For

    *Across the Floor Combination

    *Dance Routine


  • (The pirouette video above is for learning technique within the routines required for tryouts. Please know that the video is provided by a third party and is not content developed by the Flagstaff Unified School District.)

  • Across the Floor Combination

  • Dance Routine

    Videos below are routines that will need to be learned for tryouts.  Please know that the videos are provided by a third party and are not content developed by the Flagstaff Unified School District.