Crisis/Suicide Hotline


    Parent/Guardian Referral Process for a Struggling Student


    1. Parent/guardian notices that student is struggling at school.
    2. Parent/guardian contacts the teacher(s) about their concerns.
    3. If concerns persist, parent/guardian will contact School Counselor at 928-773-8120.
    4. School counselor will collect needed information about student’s strengths and needs.
    5. A meeting will be set up to discuss findings and discuss next steps.


    Testing Dates & Information

    ACT Testing Information
    SAT Testing Information
    PSAT Testing Information
    AP Testing Information
    ACT Profiler


    Tutoring Information

    *Tutoring is available through National Honor Society
        Contact: Kayce Klecker at kklecker@fusd1.org
    *The Family Resource Center will continue to offer Free Tutoring this year to any K-12 student enrolled in FUSD.  Tutoring takes place Monday through Thursday (beginning August 21st) during the following times:
    ·       Middle & High School         3:15 to 5:15 p.m.
    ·       Elementary                       3:45 to 5:15 p.m.
    Families need to call the FRC at 774-1103 to sign up for tutoring to make sure there is a tutor available for the specific content area(s) needed.  
    For questions, call the FRC at 774-1103 or email Sylvia Lohr Garcia at sgarcia@fusd1.org
    Credit Retrieval Programs
    *BYU Independent Study       BYU Independent Study
    (Check with your school counselor to see what credits FUSD will accept.)

    *FUSD Summer School
    *Northern Arizona Distance Learning Program Renee Rosales 928-220-0461
    *Job Corps

    Digital Media Resources

    Common Sense Media 

    Study Abroad Programs
    Job Shadowing