"What is on Your Mind" Survey Questions

  • The questions below were submitted from the "Whats is on Your Mind" survey FHS put on on March 24th.  Many of the questions are difficult to answer as our timeline for return is still questionable.  We will continue to update as more questions come in and as more information is released reagrding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    In each question we highlighted the main phrase to help you scan faster for answers as it was difficult to put them in categories.  The section is broken into three sections; Questions, Thoughts/Solutions, Comments


    Q: Will I still receive collage credit for my duel-enrollment classes?

    A: We are setting up a meeting with CCC now and will be speaking to them about how they are awarding credit.  If they are awarding credit based upon the amount of instruction when school was clased then I would believe that credit would be awarded to the classes at FHS as we follow the same standards.  Once we have the meeting we will be able to provide some more specifics.


    Q: If you send us back to school will you pay for my hospital bills from getting the corona virus?

    A: You will not return to school until it is determined safe by the regulations put out by National and Local helath officials.  We will also be deep cleaning each door handle, desk, bathrrom stall, toilet seat, pencil... to ensure a safe and secure environment prior to any student or staff return.


    Q: Any idea whats going to happen if we have to cancel the rest of the year?

    A: This will most likely be a state decision about loss of instructional time and days missed.  This decsion could range to ending school at the quarter grades earned to completing specific standards in Math, Science, English and History to award credits.  One factor will be for those students who might have been failing at the quarter grade and what we can provide them for an opportunity to pass without the school year in place.  As the state discusses this we will have more information.


    Q: Will seniors Graduate on time

    A:  This is a question that will need to be discussed in coordination with the Board of Regents to determine how they will handle college admittance in regards to GPA earned.  This may be negligible as PASS/FAIL grades may have to be awarded which effect GPA and ultimately would affect admittance to higher ed institutions as we compete with students from all over the world.  


    Q: How are the students that don’t have internet access at home going to do online?

    A: This is one reason why we have to be very intentional with our plan.  The students without internet access and live in remote areas should have the same opportunties as the student that lives next door to the school.  Plans are being developed that may have bus drivers delivering packets or mobil hotpsots to allow students access to internet services.  The "Family Technology Survey" that was put out on MArch 24th helped identify students and fmailies that may not have internet access.  If you have not completed this survey, you most likely are not able to access this post.  If you know of families who do not have internet access please help them out by calling them and submitting a survey response for them at https://forms.gle/kMRTXgXhVUcTL1nSA.


    Q: How will the capstone projects that seniors are working on be handled?

    A: Please refer to the AP letter posted in the Resources section at https://www.fusd1.org/domain/2478.


    Q: Is the curriculum we're missing going to be done next year if we miss out on the rest of the year?

    A: We will recieve some direction from the state about istructional expectations and days that may be lost.  Once this is confirmed we can identify the standards that were not covered and prepare lessons and curriculum to "loop"those standards in the next sequence of class.


    Q: Will students need summer school?

    A: There are a number of possibilities that could include an extended school year, mini courses, reveiw materials...  Until we know how much time is lost and how the school year will be affected it is difficult to know. 


    Q: Will online school count towards our final semester grade?

    A: What ever is developed will count towards a final grade.  There will be some parameters put in place to make as fair as possible for all students.


    Q: Will we come back to school ?

    A: Difficult to answer as the state will ultimately determine this based on the health standards set both Locally and Nationally.


    Q: Is track state canceled?

    A: At this time the AIA has not canceled any championship tournaments/meets.  They will re-evaluate as information changes at the state level.


    Q: Will seniors be able to have a graduation? Even if our official graduation is further in the future, I really want a real life graduation over an online graduation.

    A: My opinion would be to push this back as far as possible if needed to ensure that we have a memorable event for the seniors for the graduating class of 2020!


    Q: Why do we still have to work while school is cancelled?

    A: Remeber, school is not canceled, the building is closed.  As you advance in life you should always strive to learn new things and grow as a human being.


    Q: What will happen with the ACT test?

    A: All ACT State and District testing dates have been canceled.  ADE is currently working with ACT to find an alternative date.  ACT is posting a new date of June 13 on its       website, however, this may not be for State and District Testing.


    Q: How will certain events be made up such as the AP exams?

    A: With each day comes more information.  For more AP information please go to https://www.fusd1.org/Page/16366.


    Q: What work do we have to do: how will we do it?

    A: We are working on that plan and hope to have some more specifics out March 30th.  Please check your student view, reach out to teachers, and review assignments in Google Classroom for any assignments you may not have turned in.


    Q: How do you plan to make up the rest of the content for the semester? I have an incoming freshman that should be taking geometry and Spanish II, but will she still be able to if she doesn't finish her middle school Algebra and Spanish I classes?

     A: As plans are solidified on how the school year will be finished we can determine what standards will be missed and how courses may need to be restructured.


    Q: How are we as a staff checking on people who are older and those who may be quarantined alone?

    A: At this point teachers are reaching out via email.  Becasue we are engaging with minors we have to follow laws such as HIPPA and FERPA to make sure that the safety of each child is at the forefront of all discussion. 


    Q:  Will our summer break be shortened?

    A: Again this is difficult to answer at this time.  This will depend on how the state determines the number of school days needed and the expectations of how much will be missed this year. As soon as we recieve more information will wll be able to answer more definitively.


    Q: I am senior and I still have not taken the civics test, will I get a chance to complete it?

    A: We are waiting for the state to determine if this test will be waived this year.  We have also already pulled the names of the seniors who have not passed the exam and will reach out to them to complete the test if it is not waived.


    Q: Since I can't raise my grades (I have all missing assignments in) will it count against me?

    A: At this time everyone is welcome to work on any missing assignments and submit them for a grade through Google Classroom.  We have only halted any new instruction until a plan is in place for all.


    Q: What’s the cure for corona?

    A: Coronavirus was originally named Novel Coronavirus as it was the newest of many coronaviruses that exist.  With time a vaccine will be developed to help fight what will possibly become a seasonal virus such as the flu.


    Q: How will classes such as welding and autos be carried out if we do online school?

    A: To deliver these classes as we know them now will be difficult with the mandates set about social distancing.  As we begin instruction again this will most likely focus on the knowledge portion of the content as we look at resources on how to offer virtual welding...


    Q: Can I improve my grade while on this break? Even if my teacher doesn’t do retakes for almost all assignments?

    A: You are eligible to complete any missing assignments that you have not submitted.  I would suggest reviewing your student vue account and looking at asignments to see which ones you might need to submit.  It is always a good idea to review old material and continue to learn regardless of if it is graded or not.  I have found that MOOC.org is a great resource for free online courses to grow and expend your knowledge in any area.


    Q: What about electives like photography?

    A: Again this will most likely start with knowledge content and application will come with home assignments...  I know that Mr Cornett has started a photography challenge on the FHS photography page on instagrahm.


    Q: What will happen with the pre-SAT?

    A: Just like the ACT we will have to wait and hear from SAT on how they plan on moving forward.


    Q: Can the students simply PLATO all classes and graduate?

    A: We could utilize PLATO with additional funding, but I believe the plan FUSD will come up with will surpass anything that PLATO could offer.


    Q: Where will the prom be held at?

    A: Since CCC has canceled all classes we will not be able to hold Prom at that venue.  I have met with Stucco and we are brainstorming other venues that we could use but have to wait until a date of return is determined.  


    Q: Can my son enroll in online school?

    A: Yes you can always move an online platform and would have to start from the beginning of the course.  There are many out there to choose from however most that are run independently are very low in rigor and would not provide much of college level prep.  


    THOUGHTS AND SOLUTIONS FROM OTHERS (Cut and pasted directly from document)

    *Optional online schooling, not for a grade.

    * With graduation maybe have small groups based off last name come up and graduate.

    * With graduation maybe have small groups based off last name come up and graduate.

    *  Do online school. Also, have the libraries available for kids who do not have access to internet, or create a personal hotspot on each iPad.

    * Give students the opportunity to keep the grades we have but be able to talk to teachers for opportunities to get their grades up be completing extra school work. Also give resources to those who are taking ap tests.

    * If work isn’t being graded how do I motivate my student to complete it?

    * Implement the app "Zoom" on the ipads

    * Google classroom is a great way to communicate and get work from our teachers.

    * I have family in Utah and they went 100% online after they closed their schools for elementary through high school. Teachers are delivering new content and grading work as they are finishing out the year in an online environment. It can be done. I think we have to try. If we do not require forward movement in education we are creating a pothole that will have to be repaired in the future.

    * Maybe take sign ups for needs and a team who could help with shopping, getting pet food etc

    * Since we aren’t able to see many people, we should reach out and contact them so we don’t feel so isolated.

    * Don’t do online school. Since school got out, I've picked up a job and become extremely busy. I can’t afford to spend all day sitting in front of a computer.

    * Host prom at the Museum of Northern Arizona, in the outdoor courtyard.

    * Post assignments on google classrooms that are required but not due right when we get back from this because not everyone has access to internet. For those people possibly letters for updates.

    * Get all sciencey up in here and kill corona!

    * If NAU allows and we are all still on social distancing restrictions. Possibly like NAU does with their graduation we can just have students in the NAU dome and we meaning family friends, etc. Can watch via TV on public channel so avoid delays or streaming issues. This might help keep public from close contact and more room for students to space out but still have a ceremony?!

    * Hold a Graduation sometime later when all can attend but it looks like we all have to make sacrifices.

    * Can we have prom still, I can tell you for a fact seniors are that desperate to have a prom (even if it's pushed back).



    * :( i miss the teachers a lot.

    * PLEASE don’t cancel graduation.

    * FHS and FUSD are trying to handle this issue properly, but they seem to be resolving it very, very slowly.

    * I don’t have WiFi, which makes almost all of this impossible unless I manage to do it on my phone.

    * I wish we wouldn’t have to go to school in the summer

    * Fhs admin sucks

    * Seniors deserve prom, graduation, and some kind of awesome grad night compensation for this.

    * You all are going above and beyond. Thank you so much!

    * I loved hearing a plan is being figured out for graduation, prom and yearbooks!

    * I know these times are confusing, but we look to the administration for guidance. So please be specific in your updates and only give them when something is definite or changed. Nothing against what has happened so far, but for as we go through this.

    * I'm bored

    * I miss school not gonna lie

    * My son is entering Officer Training, sworn into the NAVY, and is leaving June 8th. He deserves to have a High School Diploma not a GED

    * It’s senior year and I would love to actually end school in a good way and seeing friends, especially teachers one last time forever. And to have a graduation ceremony like all of us have dreamed of all our life’s.

    * I appreciate FUSD’s responsiveness to the issue, but I do not want to be out of school too long. I love that school brings a schedule to my life, so I’d like school to be occurring as much as possible.