Degrees and Certifications:

Kimmy McComb; Class of 2014

This program will aid you more in college than you would expect. The brilliant lectures given by the talented FHS APA staff truly go beyond college preparatory requirements. This program gave me the cognitive tools necessary to succeed beyond grade 12. Indeed, I often find myself reminded of the material I learned from my time in the APA. Whether the subject be that of chemistry, biology, statistics, English, or even college honors courses. I cannot deny that the APA significantly aided both my thought process and my passion for education.

The Capstone for this program is perhaps the greatest challenge I faced during my time in the APA, and yet, it stands to be the period in my life which I am most proud of. With hindsight, I beseech all current and future members of the program to please ignite that passion within your education and the therm "hard work" will soon evolve into one's "pursuance of dreams". The entire experience is worth it. I entered into my first semester of college as a sophomore, 44 credits earned from dedication to my studies in high school.

These high-skilled teachers are your greatest tool for future academic success: do not underestimate the value of their mind. Thank you so much for helping me become the person I am today.

With Love, Kimmy