Welcome to Culinary Arts

  • Introduction to Culinary Arts

    This course is an entry-level class providing basic principles in food science, food safety, and food preparation. It is designed to introduce students to fundamental food preparation terms, concepts, and methods in Culinary Arts; laboratory practice will support classroom instruction/learning. Essential terminology, knowledge and skills/techniques are covered with an emphasis on basic kitchen safety, sanitation, and equipment maintenance and operation procedures. There will be reading, writing, and other classroom assignments that precede lab activities. Students will learn the following skills: kitchen safety and sanitation, how to read a recipe, measuring and mixing techniques, basic cooking techniques, kitchen equipment identification and use, cutlery skills, beginning baking, and nutrition.


    Culinary Arts I

    Prerequisites: Introduction to Culinary Arts:

    This course provides “hands-on” training for students interested in a job in the foods industry. Students obtain a Foods Handlers’ card from the Coconino County Health Department and assume the responsibility for running the Eagle’s Nest Café, a licensed restaurant and bakery. Skills are developed in planning, preparing, marketing and serving meals. Dual enrollment is available through Coconino Community College as HRM 140-Introduction to Hospitality. *Fee required.


    Introduction to Pastry and Baking

    Prerequisites: Culinary I or ability to test out on foundational assessment:

    This course is an introduction to baking for students who are interested in a possible baking/pastry career or a great foundation in baking as a life skill. This is a transition class from basic kitchen baking to advanced baking concepts in a state-of-the-art culinary lab. *Fee required.


    Culinary Arts II

    Prerequisites: Culinary Arts I, Grade of B or better:

    This course is a continuation of skills learned in Culinary Arts I. Second-year students work as kitchen managers in planning and preparing meals in Eagle’s Nest kitchen. Students receive their Food Manager’s Card from the Coconino County Health Department as well as learn advanced skills in a state-of-the art kitchen. Students may compete in CCAP and various other culinary competitions to earn college scholarships. This class is dual enrolled to Coconino Community College as HRM 240 – Commercial Food Production and students receive 3 credit hours for successful completion. *Fee required. 


    Culinary Arts III

    Prerequisites: Culinary Arts II, Grade of B or better:

    This class is for anyone who might be interested in owning their own business in any aspect of food! Culinary skills and business skills will be taught throughout this class. Instructor will be present but catering managers will be responsible for planning, executing and take down of each special event. Classroom facsimiles— the closest possible to running your own business. The 2017-2018 school year provided for a barista program which is a true Flagstaff High School entrepreneurship. Students are responsible for coffee creations, baking, delivery, and costing items for the program. Requires student with initiative and self-motivation. New to the program for 2019 is potential travel abroad or Disney tour. *Fee required.


    Culinary Competition Skills

    Prerequisites: Culinary Arts II, Grade of B or better:

    This course is designed for advanced culinary students who desire a culinary career. Potential careers may include: Chef, Hotel Management, Food Photographer, Food Blogger, Food Marketing, Event Planner, Human Resources Manager, and Food & Beverage Manager. Students learn organizational skills and advanced culinary technical skills in order to attend competitions to earn college scholarships. *Fee required.

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