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  • Automotive Technology I

    This class is vocational in nature and designed to prepare students to work in the automotive industry or a related field. Students receive instruction in safety and shop procedures. They are given instruction in basic automotive fundamentals, maintenance procedures and repair operations. In this course students will use common hand tools, equipment, and specialized automotive power tools and test equipment. Students will be a member of Skills USA. *Fee required.


    Automotive Technology II

    Auto Mechanics II is a continuation of the Auto Mechanics I class with more emphasis on live repair work in the shop. Students will diagnose and repair cars. Students will be a member of Skills USA. Dual Enrollment Eligible *Fee required.


    Automotive Technology III

    Auto Mechanics III is a continuation of Auto Mechanics II with more shop experience and self-directed application of prior knowledge. Students will be a member of Skills USA. Dual Enrollment Eligible *Fee required.


    Welding I

    The purpose of this course is to teach the student basic fundamentals of common welding processes. The processes covered are oxyacetylene welding and cutting, shielding metal arc “stick” welding and gas metal arc “MIG” welding. Students will use standard industrial welding tools, materials and equipment while learning in an applied setting. *Fee required.


    Welding II

    This class will allow the students to further develop the skills they learned in Welding I. Students will be members of Skills USA. *Fee required. *Fee required.


    Welding III

    Students in Welding III will continue to develop their skills in the field of welding. Completing a certification course aligned with the American Welding Society will be incorporated into the class. S.E.N.S.E (Schools Excelling through National Skills Education) curriculum completers will test to become a certified welder. Students in this class will be SkillsUSA members.


    Competitive Welding

    Students in this class will be concurrently enrolled in either a Welding II or Welding III class. Students will have the opportunity to compete and participate in various welding competitions through student organizations like Skills USA. Competitions will be individual and team events with emphasis on simulating real world experiences found in the welding industry.


    Woodworking I

    The purpose of this course is to teach the student the fundamentals of general woodworking. Students will use modern-day equipment and tools to aide in the successful completion of a core project in an applied setting of traditional woodworking. *Fee required.


    Woodworking II

    Is a course designed for the student to become familiar with production concepts used in modern industry while further developing their own skills and knowledge in woodworking. The student’s project work will mainly consist of their dedication and involvement in creating a mock corporation, emphasizing the production of fine quality furniture products. Students will also be a member of Skills USA. *Fee required.


    Cabinetmaking (Woods III)

    Prerequisites: (Woods I and Woods II):

    Cabinetmaking is an opportunity to learn advanced skills in the area of cabinetmaking. Students will be able to increase their knowledge of design and construction in the field of woodworking. Students will be able to join and compete in Skills USA. *Fee required.

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