Welcome to Business Management

  • Business l – Intro to Business

    (Microsoft Certification Available)

    Students who take business I will focus on computerized systems and the programs within Microsoft Office. Students will be able to use these programs to create business documents, such as a resume, professional emails, and use technology to maximize their productivity, efficiency, and career potential. Students will also be introduced into marketing concepts, career development, seeking employment and work skills. During this course, we will also dive into financial management skills and concepts, including budgets, insurance, financial institutions, credit & debt, and investments. Students will also learn important life skills such as buying a car, applying and paying for college, owning an apartment or house, applying for a credit card, as well as understanding how to obtain insurance and survive after high school.


    Business II- Business Management/Owning a Business

    (Prerequisite: Business I) (Microsoft Certification Available)

    Knowing how to manage money is the key to both personal and business success and wealth. Students will be introduced to general management practices, recruiting and hiring employees, accounting, marketing and other key concepts to being a business owner. Students will also learn how businesses are capitalizing on social media trends and how to leverage social media for professional purposes. Students will get a glimpse into how the FHS website is ran and how we use social media here at Flagstaff High School. Additionally, students will be members of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) program and they will attend leadership conferences and compete in either business, marketing or graphic design.


    Yearbook Publications

    (Prerequisite: Digital Photography or instructor approval):

    9th -12th grade students who enroll in yearbook publications will be committed to preparing the yearbook for plant production. Students are responsible for creating the yearbook for 1700 students here at Flagstaff High School. Advanced computer skills are taught by utilizing Jostens Yearbook Avenue, Photoshop, and InDesign. Students will be required to attend extra-curricular activities in order to obtain photos and stories needed for publications (this may be during, before, or after school). This class is considered a deadline-oriented and recommended for organized students. We also offer different leadership roles such as Editor in Chief, Assistant Editor, Business Manager and many others. *Fee required

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