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  • Sports Medicine I

    (Pre-requisite – Health):

    Sports Medicine is intended for students who have an interest in Sports Medicine or some similar health care profession, or to learn how to care for their own athletic injuries. Topics include anatomy, taping and wrapping, prevention of athletic injuries, treatment of athletic injuries, first aid/CPR and administration of an Athletic Training program. Fee required. Must have a C or better to move on to Sports Medicine II.


    Sports Medicine II

    (Pre-requisite – Sports Medicine I):

    Sports Medicine II is intended for students who have successfully completed Sports Medicine I and would like to further their education in health care. Topics include CPR for the Health Care Worker/Professional Rescuer-- certification subject to change--, advanced taping/wrapping techniques for sports injuries, medical terminology, vital signs, therapeutic modalities and rehab, crutch fitting and more. Sports Medicine II is eligible for dual enrollment for AHS 131: Medical Terminology I taught at CCC. This course is also for those that may be interested in assisting in the Athletic Training room as a student aide. Must have a B or better to be interviewed for the Internship course. Fee Required.


    Sports Medicine III- Internship

    Pre-requisite - Sports Medicine I and/or II (Full year or one semester elective): Sports Medicine Internship is for students that have completed Sports Medicine I and Sports Medicine II or are currently enrolled in Sports Medicine I or Sports Medicine II. This course would be intended for those that want to assist as an Athletic Training Student Aide in the FHS Athletic Training Room. Therefore, it would involve volunteer hours after school (at least 5 hours a week). The curriculum involves advanced practice in skills the students were introduced to in Sports Medicine I and Sports Medicine II, as well as anatomy and medical terminology study. The students would also be expected to be an active participate and in the Health Occupations Student Association (HOSA) by taking a leadership role and/or by attending a state conference and taking at least the HOSA Sports Medicine exam.

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