Who is Eligible & What Do We Teach?

  • Students eligible for Continental Project must be at least 17 years old and receive educational services under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) geared for students with maximum cognitive skills in the low average range.  Minimal indicators of readiness to benefit include: 
    • Willingness to engage in physical work
    • Desire to change work adjustment & interpersonal skills
    • Habitual display of honest & ethical behaviors 
    • Deference to authority
    • Redirected behaviors sustained over time & setting
    • Supervision needs at approximate 15 minute intervals with sustained attending
    • Ability to follow 3+ step directions
    • Cognitive skills in the low average range (below 80)
    • No significant mental health issues
    • Age of 17 years or older
    Students pose with teacher at the continental project                                     
    While students working at Continental Project will easily learn the tasks of the entry level jobs they complete, the work adjustment and interpersonal skills are the critical components of our program and of our student's future success.  We teach our students how to:
    • accept supervisory directives 
    • engage in appropriate reciprocal conversations
    • return to work in presence of naturally occurring distracters
    • solve routine work related problems
    • greet & offer help to others
    • respond to & use site appropriate humor   
    • accept corrections & redirections
    • initiate standard job responsibilities
    • meet quality expectations on all tasks
    • ask for clarification, lodge complaints
    • maintain a positive attitude
    • request & report leave
    • schmooze
    • adjust voice volume to setting
    • establish trust
    • refrain from revealing sexual or personal information
    • demonstrate good listening & attending
    • sustain good personal hygiene
    • honor the dress code
    • habitually meet productivity expectations                      
    • sustain work activities absent proximal supervision                   
    • adjust work pace to reflect schedule & event time pressures               

    Our dedicated faculty include:

    Ms. Lori Bain
    Ms. MaryBeth McGrath
    Ms. Connie Rohrbaugh