• This page is under construction.  We hope to soon be able to accept your online donations.


    In the meantime:

    Continental Project is a good steward of your tax directed dollars! 

    The state of Arizona will give residents a dollar for dollar tax credit, $200.00 for individuals & $400.00 for married couples, if you designate your donation to the Continental Project students.  Yes---there is effectively no cost to donate up to $400 for our students!  (Arizona Tax form 322, Credit for Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public Schools.)

    We ensure that your contributions are used to assist students in acquiring the work-related clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products, etc. that are critical for entry into the labor market.  We take our job seriously . . . we are helping students, who have often been consumers of tax-supported programs, to become tax-payers.  We are helping them become active members of our community.  We love what we get to be part of; for our students often come to us with little sense of self worth---yet leave with the realization that they have talents & skills that have value in our labor market.  Won't you join us?  Help our students find the wholeness of who they can be. 

    For more information about tax-credit and monetary donations..
    • ...please contact Continental Project at 928.527.3712 

    • ...make check to "FUSD", write Continental Project in the memo line and mail to:
                   Continental Project     
                   2380 N. Oakmont 
                   Flagstaff, AZ 86004                
     We will mail you a receipt verifying your donation for tax reporting verification.
    • Visit the following link for FUSD's School Tax Credit brochure and donation form.
    • FUSD Tax Credit Brochure
    • Write "Continental Project" under 'Other eligible activities' on the form & on the memo line of your check.

    sample donation form with "Continental Project" under 'Other eligible activities'.

    Sample Tax Form