• Mission Statement:

    Eagles Crest Child Enrichment Center strives to provide children with daily experiences that will expand knowledge, arouse curiosity, foster creativity, enhance social skills and nurture self-worth.  We respect a child’s need to develop and grow in their own special and distinctive way and encourage them to respect the freedoms and differences of those around them.


    Centers Philosophy on Child Enrichment: 

    We believe that child enrichment centers should be composed of a team where teachers, children, and parents work together to create the optimal learning environment.  We encourage cooperative learning and age appropriate activities.  We strive to provide the benefits of a loving, safe environment.  We encourage good communication between teachers and parents.  These are the formative years in a child’s life and it is our job to help children grow and develop in a loving, caring, and stimulating environment.  Our staff strives to provide experiences that will encourage the development of your child’s positive self-concept.  We believe that there are many styles of learning, and we incorporate all of the styles in our daily curriculum and learning activities. 

    We believe children learn by using all of their senses, repetition, physical and mental exercises, and being allowed choices.  Our staff strives to develop and implement plans and activities that take individual ages, needs, and levels into consideration.