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JROTC Celebrates Veterans Day with Havasupai Tribal Council

At the invitation of the Havasupai Tribal Council, six Cadets from the Coconino High School JROTC Panther Battalion Color Guard traveled to Supai via helicopter to support the 2019 Veteran's Pow Wow at Havasu Creek. The Cadets opened the ceremonies by presenting the Colors with the National Anthem performed in the Blackfoot language, then provided the assembled tribal participants from all over the Western US, Canada, and Mexico with a demonstration of precision drill. 
The Cadets later took part in the Circle Dance with Havasupai Veterans, hiked to Havasu Falls, and took the opportunity to enjoy the Blue-Green Waters. These experiences provided the Cadets a first-hand understanding of our rich cultural heritage, honored our Veterans, and provided a glimpse at a much different way of life than most of us live. Not to mention the thrill of flying a helicopter off the edge of the Grand Canyon and along the mighty Colorado River.