Online Enrollment


    Information about the FUSD Online Enrollment System


    Simplify Enrollment for Parents
    Parents can enroll new students online anytime and anywhere. 

    Instant Login
    Parents new to the district can create a ParentVUE account and start the enrollment process immediately. No special login is required from the district. 

    Family Enrollment
    Synergy connects student and parent records, so shared information such as address and phone number can be entered just one time and populate records for the entire family.

    Visual Progress & Completion Indicators  
    Parents can easily track how far they have progressed through each section and verify when a section is complete.

    Pause & Resume 
    Data is automatically saved by the system, so parents can exit before the form is complete and pick up later where they left off if time is limited or they need to locate documents. 

    Status Monitoring
    Parents may log back in at any time to check enrollment status. When the enrollment has been processed, parents receive an email notifying them of the school’s decision.

    Address & Boundary Validation
    Quickly validates addresses and determines school placement per Google Maps™ mapping service.

    Document Collection
    Provides a number of required documents for parents to print and fill out prior to visiting the school office to finalize the enrollment process.

    Please use this link for FUSD Online Enrollment

    Please use this link for Instructions for use of the FUSD Online Enrollment