Facility Use/Fees Agreement

  • Facility Use (Effective 7/1/2022)

    • Facilities may be used by community organizations for legitimate purposes at minimal cost to the organizations.
    • Applications for Use of School Facilities are to be made online using the FUSD Facility Request System.

    Class I - (excludes special events and reservations over 2 hours)

    School-sponsored activities
    Teacher Organizations
    School Clubs
    Parent Teacher Organizations
    Organizations Boosters Club
    FUSD in-service trainings

    Class II - fee

    Boys/Girls Scouts
    Youth Athletic Leagues
    Community College
    Community Concerts
    Civic Organizations
    Educational Org.
    City/State/Federal Governments
    Cultural Org.

    Class III - Commercial - fee

    For profit-making groups.

    Mandatory Cleaning/Maintenance Fee: A minimum of $30 per use will be charged depending on type of event, facility used, length of time and number of attendees. (Charges may be higher/lower based upon type of use-i.e. classroom vs. gym) Groups having 10 or more reservations per semester are eligible for a discounted cleaning rate.

    General Rules and Policies:

    1. SMOKING/VAPING/ALCOHOL is prohibited in and on any and all school property, including outdoors. (Policy 3-202/4-206
    2. No refreshments are to be served or sold on school grounds or in buildings except in appropriate facilities and with prior approval. Any advertising for promotion, such as newspaper releases, posters, tickets and handbills, must indicate the sponsoring agent.
    3. Student Health, Safety, & Welfare (Policy 5-410)

    Conditions governing the use of facilities (Policy 3-202 effective July 1, 2023):

    C. Requirements of the school program shall receive priority consideration in the assignment of school facilities.
    D. School-sponsored activities such as PTO, are given priority over non-school-sponsored activities.
    E. City Parks & Rec will be given priority over other community organizations.
    F. Non-school sponsored, non-profit service organizations may use the facilities with charges not in excess of costs incurred by FUSD.
    G. Those desiring to use school facilities for financial profit are discouraged from making an application for facility use. However, this does not deny them the opportunity of using the school facilities. Rental fees will be charged.
    H. Requests for contracted FUSD services by non-school organizations must be made to the school principal. Requests will be honored when they can be met by FUSD employees outside their regular employment hours. Full cost will be charged to the organization making the request.
    I. Permission to use any school facility may be revoked at any time as the needs of FUSD may require, or for violation of FUSD policy.
    J. Fees are subject to change at any time.

    Additional Information for the use of facilities: 

    All badge id requests must be made prior to 72 hours of the event date/time.  Please contact Human Resources at 928/527/6070 to schedule an appointment for a picture id.  If a community group has an id and needs adjustments, please contact Jamie Selsetewa at 928/773/4190.

    Premises are to be vacated and lights are to be out at the time specified. All properties are to be accounted for and left in the same conditions as received. Extra property is to be removed from the premises no later than twenty-four hours after use.

    FUSD shall provide needed custodial services, cafeteria employees and/or other employees during each usage as determined by FUSD. Administrators or caretakers are to have access to all facilities at all times. When FUSD personnel are needed, an additional charge will be made. No refunds will be made for any unused periods of reserved time. Personnel services are $30 per hour.

    All Class I users, except school related organizations (i.e., PTO, Boosters), will be charged Class II fees when facilities must be opened on weekends, holidays, or during summer closure, unless otherwise arranged. Two-day events must be paid in advance. 

    State law requires non-school sponsored users to carry insurance. FUSD requires a combined single limit coverage for bodily injury and property damage. A current Certificate of Insurance with policy limits of not less than $2,000,000 must be uploaded to the online site for Use of School Facilities. Flagstaff Unified School District must be listed as the additional insured and certificate holder.


    Flagstaff Unified School District #1
    Fee Schedule FY22 School Year 2023-2024

    Facility Hourly Fee
    Facility Used Class I Class II-Non Profit Class III-Profit
    Classroom $0 $18 $23
    Commons $0 $115 $230
    Multipurpose $0 $23 $29
    Mezzanine  $0 $11.50  $15 
    Gym (elementary) $0 $29 $58
    Gym Secondary Small $0 $52 $127
    Gym Secondary Large $0 $114 $207
    Mini-Auditorium $0 $81 $92
    Auditorium $0 $156 $209
    Stadium**** $0 $380 $535
    Concession Stand ($250 Deposit) $60 $69 $69
    Kitchen serving $0 $64 $69
    Kitchen cooking ($250 Deposit)*** $0 $144 $173
    Board Room $0 $75 $86


    Half/Full Day Rates
    Facility Fees - Set Fees Class I Class II-Non Profit Class III-Profit
    Gym (Elem) Full Day (8 hours) $0 $230 $460
    Gym Secondary (small) Full Day (8 hours) $0 $345 $690
    Gym Secondary (large) Full Day (8 hours) $0 $460 $920
    Elementary and Small Secondary Gym Non-Profit (local) Sports Usage Fee (per use) $45 (half day)
    Tournaments $0 Charged per event
    Mini-Auditorium 1/2 Day (3 hours) $0 $172 $275
    Auditorium 1/2 Day (3 hours) $0 $345 $628
    Full Day (8 hours) $0 $805 $978
    Stadium $0 $1,139 $1,604
    Artificial Fields** 1/2 Day (3 hours) $0 $288 $628
    Full Day (8 hours) $0 $805 $1,150
    Fields Full Day (8 hours) $0 $345 $518
    Tracks $20 an hour per lane**** $0 $65 $75
    Track Access Card - $10 per month/ minimum 3 months = $30
    Pool – 7 hours $0 $345.00 $449.00
    Parking included with rental $0 $0 $0
    Parking lot only $0 $25-small


    Please note:

    ***Organizations providing 501 (3 c) will be given a Class II 50% discount rate.

    ***A $25 cancellation fee will be assessed for any cancellation after a reservation is approved.

    ***A $25 reservation change fee will be assessed for any reservation after the reservation is approved. Please make sure the schedule is accurate before submitting a reservation.

    Cancellations made by FUSD will result in cancellation fees being waived. 

    ***Invoices unpaid after 90 days may result in approval delays on future reservations.

    ***Rental of cooking kitchens will require a $250 deposit. Please contact FUSD Food Service 928-527- 6094.

    ****There will be an additional charge of $100 per hour for use of CHS/Cromer Field with lights.

    All Classes of Users – Personnel and Security Charges:

    Personnel charges: $5 per hour per person
    This charge applies for door unlock/lock service and during hours where FUSD personnel are not otherwise on site.
    At least one FUSD employee must be onsite during facility use by non-FUSD personnel.

    Sound/Lighting Fee (auditoriums) - $35 per hour - rehearsal $69 per hour performance

    Outdoor Lighting fee-$100 per hour