• payment portal TUITION RATES


    2)  Tuition and Payment Procedures


    Pre-payment for tuition is due every two weeks and there are no refunds.




    (Birth up to 18 months)



    12 months and walking to 3 years


    Preschool Full-time

    3 years and potty trained to 5 years

                      Part-time *spaces may be

                      available at $38.00 per day


           *Limited spaces subject to availability.  


    A one week deposit is due upon enrollment.  This deposit will be applied toward your last tuition payment due in December or toward your last week of enrollment, whichever comes first.  


    Rates are subject to change with 30 day written notice provided.

    1.  Payment Procedures


    Tuition is due by midnight the second day of the week (see payment schedule for due dates).  Late tuition will result in a late fee of $25.00 per day and enrollment will be denied by the third day of non-payment.


    A bi-weekly tuition amount will be based on coverage, co-pays, and amounts not covered by DES, Navajo Nation, and First Things First.  Any amount not covered by the bi-weekly tuition will be billed at the end of the month. No accounts will be allowed to accrue an overdue amount.  Any accounts not kept current may result in the termination of enrollment and collection proceedings. All co-pays and any additional fees must be pre-paid.


    1.  Acceptable Forms of Payment

    Cash is not accepted.  All payments must be made with checks, cashier’s checks or money orders.  The preferred method is to pay on-line at http://kidscarecenter.com/Home.aspx  you will need to use your account number and password assigned to you. A yearly statement of tuition for tax purpose is available by January 31 in the KIDS CARE stystem.


    1.  Sick and Vacation Days  

    The Center has a flat tuition rate policy. Tuition will be the same regardless of closures or absences.  The exceptions will be a week at winter break, a week at spring break, and sick/vacation days. Each child is given four sick/vacation days to use per year, one per quarter. The director must be notified by 9 a.m. the day of absence for a vacation/sick day to be used. Vacation/sick days may not be used when the school is closed or used retroactively. Unused vacation/sick days will not carry over the next year and are not transferable to other students. Parents must request to use vacation/sick days; they will not automatically be deducted.

    1.  Returned Check/NSF

    Checks returned due to non-sufficient funds are subject to a $25.00 fee. Payment of tuition and fee is due in full by the following Monday. If three NSF checks are returned from your account, all future payments must be received in the form of money orders or cashier checks for the remainder of enrollment.

    3)  Subsidy and Scholarships


    Various options are available to eligible families to offset the cost of childcare fees.  It is the families' responsibility to fill out the appropriate paperwork and abide by all guidelines set out by the programs for continuing coverage. All co-pays and amounts not covered by the subsidy program are calculated based on coverage and are due two weeks in advance. Any unpaid amounts due to illness or change in coverage will be billed at the end of the month and due with the next scheduled payment.


    1.  DES


    The Center is contracted with DES.  Families that qualify for Department of Economic Security subsidy must apply for this service through DES.  Once the Center receives confirmation from DES of an approved childcare subsidy, the Center will apply DES payments to tuition.

    1.  FTF Scholarships

    The Center receives a limited amount of scholarships from First Things First to offset a portion of a child’s tuition fees.  These scholarships are based on a family’s annual income and the number of members in a family. The scholarships are for low income families in need of assistance.  If you feel that you would qualify for a scholarship for your child please contact the center’s director.

    1.  Navajo Nation Child Care and Development Fund Program

    The Center is a certified provider for the Navajo Nation Child Care and Development Fund.  This is a child care subsidy program that helps assist qualified Navajo families with tuition fees.  If you feel that you would qualify for this program you must apply through the Navajo Nation Child Care and Development Fund Program.   When this program has verified that you qualify, they will contact the center director with the amount that they will pay for your child.  The remaining unpaid fees will be the family’s responsibility to pay. Once the Center receives confirmation from the Navajo Nation of an approved childcare subsidy, the Center will apply Navajo Nation payments to tuition.

    4)  Enrollment Termination and Withdrawal

    1.         Enrollment Termination

    Your child's enrollment may be terminated at the discretion of the director for any of the following reasons:

    1.  Tuition accounts not kept current.
    2.  Failure to pay late fees or penalties.
    3.  Three days of non-attendance without notice or payment.
    4.  Child's behavior is presenting a physical or emotional danger to others.
    5.  Child's behavior is unmanageable and does not improve after implementing a

         two-week behavior plan.

    1. Child's developmental level is inappropriate for the assigned classroom.
    2. Parent or parents are unwilling to comply with policies or procedures.
    3. If the child's enrollment poses a hardship on the program.


    1.  Withdrawing Your Child

    If you choose to terminate your child's enrollment for any reason, a two-week written notice is required. If you terminate your child's enrollment without notice, you are subject to collections and fees for two weeks tuition and the $25 per day late fee. If payments not made within 30 days from the last day of your child’s attendance the amount due will be submitted to a collection agency.