FUSD Social/Sexual Health Curriculum Program

  • Adopted by FUSD Governing Board May 2006

    Introduction to Social/Sexual Health Curriculum for Grades Two, Five, Seven, Nine and Eleven

    This curriculum has been developed to address critical needs of students growing up in today’s society. Sex education is addressed with specific and accurate information regarding the anatomy and physiology of human reproduction, as well as behaviors which can result in serious consequences such as unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Incorporated into the lessons are skills young people need to avoid risky and harmful behaviors, such as decision-making and refusal skills. Development of healthy relationships is addressed at each level. The curriculum stresses that students should take personal responsibility for their decisions and actions, but also provides them with resources if they need help. Legal issues regarding sexual abuse, mandated reporting of peer abuse which results in physical injury, sexual assault, sex with a minor, and sexual harassment are included. The curriculum has been written and materials have been selected with careful consideration given to age appropriateness.

    At second grade, the curriculum is presented to coeducational classes since it does not address sex education, but sex abuse prevention, bullying, and developing healthy relationships. At grade five, the first three lessons related to sex education are provided separately for boys and girls. At seventh grade all five lessons related to sex education are taught separately to boys and girls. At ninth and eleventh grade, the entire curriculum is provided in coeducational classes.

    Parent awareness is perceived as a very important component of the curriculum. It requires the provision of accurate information to parents regarding the instruction their students will receive. At all grade levels in which the curriculum is taught, parents are invited to attend a meeting in which detailed information regarding the content of instruction is provided along with the opportunity to preview materials and videos. An instructor of the curriculum presents the information to parents and answers any questions they may have.

    At grades two, five, seven, nine, ane eleven the curriculum is provided on an “opt in” basis. Written parent permission is required. For students at any grade level whose parents choose not to have them participate, alternative instruction is provided in accordance with Arizona Department of Education requirements. The responsibility for alternative instruction is left to each individual school.

    It should be noted that instructors in this curriculum are not intended to be and are not trained to be personal counselors. If students present with serious problems, the instructor will contact parents when appropriate and use referral sources such as the school nurse, counselor, or community resources. (Note: if students should disclose parental abuse, parents are not contacted.) In specific situations which require adherence to legal mandates, such as sexual abuse, rape, statutory rape, or other types of assault, the instructor will refer to appropriate agencies such as the Department of Economic Security Child Protective Services or to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Sexual harassment disclosures will be handled following District procedures outlined in Governing Board Policy and may include formal complaint investigation.

    The content of the lessons for each grade level is correlated with the Arizona Department of Education Comprehensive Health Standards and selected skills. The curriculum complies with all required Arizona Department of Education regulations.

    Visitors are not permitted to attend the classes so that students are not inhibited to engage in frank and open discussion and questions.

    School administrators are responsible for meeting with instructors to discuss how lessons are presented and generally how students are responding to the instruction.

    Please feel free to review the curriculum for each grade taught listed in a PDF format by clicking on the grade below. If you have any questions regarding this curriculum, please contact Ms. Betty Smith via email: esmith@fusd1.org