• FUSD Bond Oversight Committee


                The Bond Oversight Committee is made up of local Flagstaff-area residents. The members of the committee range from current and retired businessmen to a Vice President of Northern Arizona University, each member lending their expertise to the decision making process.  The committee is appointed by the FUSD Governing Board.

                The committee meets once a month to go over the progress of various projects and consider additional District needs to be addressed. Their mission is to oversee the activities of the 2006 Bond and its administration, which includes approving or denying all projects and the oversight of the bond budget.

     Some of the initial Bond Projects

    Completed Bond Projects

    ·         42 new School Buses were purchased

    ·         Athletic Fields and Tracks at Coconino & Flagstaff High Schools, and Sinagua Middle School

    ·         Energy efficient  lighting upgrades throughout the district

    ·         Sinagua Middle School entrance improved and upgraded

    ·         Parking Lots at Coconino High School, Flagstaff High School, Sinagua Middle School, and Sechrist Elementary School were upgraded

    ·         Bus Lanes at Sinagua Middle School were improved

    ·         At Flagstaff High School: a new Kitchen and Commons area, “state of the art” laboratory science classrooms and a mini auditorium in the new 900 wing, and new roof with solar panels

    ·         New roofs were installed at Knoles, Sechrist, Marshall, and Killip Elementary Schools

    BOND PROJECTS 2010-2012