If you are in need of renewing your teaching certificate:     

    To meet the requirements of the Arizona Department of Education and the expectations of their contracts, all teachers must maintain a current, valid, and appropriate certification for their subject matter.  This may include the base certificate, approved areas, SEI, or additional certifications required to be highly qualified for the role.  Below is a list of helpful points to review when you need to renew your certificate:

    • Page 3 of the renewal form lists what should count for your recertification hours.
    • You must have 180, or more, seat hours to submit for a renewal request.
    • Renewals are not accepted any sooner than 6 months prior to your current certificate expiration date.
    • Only seat hours taken after the issuance of your current certificate can count toward your 180 requirement.
    • The Director of Human Resources for FUSD will review your seat hours and certify your renewal form.  For scheduling purposes, please ensure a 1 week window to make an appointment for your document review.  Please contact Human Resources to make an appointment.
    • You may mail your completed documentation to ADE and expect a 2-4 week turnaround time, or you many walk the documentation in to the main ADE office in Phoenix Monday – Friday from 8:30 to 4:00
    • Note: If you are using conference or seminar hours from outside of FUSD, the maximum number of hours that can be counted per calendar year is 30.   

    If you need to convert a provisional certificate to a standard one, the link is posted below. The Director of Human Resources will need to verify in writing that you have either 4 semesters or two full years of teaching experience prior to the submittal of this form.   

    If you are from out of State, the link to the Reciprocal Certificate is listed below. 

    If you want to become a substitute teacher, the link is listed below. 

    Arizona Department of Education Certification Department: APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION Substitute, Initial Teaching, Administrative, Professional Non-Teaching 

    Convert a Provisional Certificate to a Standard Certificate:  APPLICATION TO CONVERT A PROVISIONAL TEACHING CERTIFICATE

    Certification Guidelines: Teacher Certification Summary Sheet 

    NES Certification Exams: http://www.azed.gov/educator-certification/az-ed-exams/ 

    Reciprocal Certificate Page: http://www.azed.gov/educator-certification/certificate-requirement/reciprocal-certificates/ 

    Renewal of Certificate form on the ADE website:  APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL OF CERTIFICATE


    If you wish to contact the Certification Unit, please refer to the information below:

    Email: Certification@azed.gov

    Phone: 602-542-4367

    Mailing Address:  ADE – Certification, PO Box 6490, Phoenix AZ 85005-6940

    Walk-in Address 8:30 – 4:00 Monday to Friday: 1535 West Jefferson Street, Phoenix AZ 85007 (SW corner of Jefferson St. and 15th Ave.) * We suggest calling before you go travel to Phoenix to ensure their availability.  



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  • I applied for a job? What happens next?

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    Administrators will review all applications, and select the candidates to be interviewed. After the interview process is completed and an offer made and accepted all applicants will be notified.

    Often, the hiring practice is done by way of a committee, so the process from posting to making a hire to contacting all applicants can take several days to weeks to complete.

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  • The principal/administrator has offered me a position. What happens next?

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    Congratulations! We look forward to your contributions! You will be contacted by Human Resources to set an appointment to complete your new hire paperwork. Sometimes this can take a few days, please be patient as we welcome other new teachers and staff to the district. 

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  • I'm a current FUSD teacher, why do I have to submit a complete application online?

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    Great question! All applicants (including current district employees) must submit a complete online application. This includes attaching Current Teacher Certificate, Current Fingerprint Clearance Card,  AEPA and/or PRAXIS  scores & Unofficial Transcripts. Administrators will no longer be coming into the HR office, to pull files when people apply. The only information available to administrators is what you provide in the online application. Also, the process of ensuring every position is staffed by a person highly qualified for the position begins at the point of application. Administrators must be able to review all the requested items, in order to help them in their selection. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

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  • Can I report to my new job, before I go to Human Resources?

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    Not yet! After you complete your new hire paperwork, you are given a Work Authorization Ticket. You present this ticket to your site supervisor, indicating to them that you have completed the new hire process and are ready to begin your job assignment.

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  • What is my work schedule?

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    Your daily work schedule will be determined by the site administrator. Pay attention to the number of hours you were hired to fill each week, you will need to work those amount of hours. 

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  • How am I given my vacation?

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    12 month Classified earn vacation on the 2nd pay period of the month.

    0-4 years of service get 10 days a year. 10 divided by 12 is .83 times the number of hours worked.

    5-9 years of service get 14 days a year. 14 divided by 12 is 1.17 times the number of hours worked.

    10-16 years of service get 17 days a year. 17 divided by 12 is 1.42 times the number of hours worked.

    17-or more years of service get 20 days a year. 20 divided by 12 is 1.67 times the number of hours worked.

    Administrators (Classified/Certified) are given vacation hours up front on the first pay period of the school year and must be used by the end of the school year.

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  • Do I qualify for vacation?

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    9, 10, 11 month Classified, do not qualify for vacation.

    Certified Employees, do not qualify for vacation.

    12 month Classified and Administrators (Classified/Certified) do qualify for vacation.

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  • How do I receive leave hours?

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    The leave accrual is issued on a pay period basis throughout the school year.   

    9 month Classified are given 9 days of leave. 9 days times the number of hours worked equal the number of hours of leave.

    10 month Classified are given 10 days of leave. 10 days times the number of hours worked equal the number of hours of leave.

    11 month Classified are given 11 days of leave. 11 days times the number of hours worked equal the number of hours of leave.

    12 month Classified are given 12 days of leave. 12 days times the number of hours worked equal the number of hours of leave.

    Administrators (Classified/Certified) are given 12 days of leave. 12 days times the number of hours worked equal the number of hours of leave.

    Certified Employees are given 11 days of leave. 11 days times the number of hours worked equal the number of hours of leave.

    7.5 hours times the FTE will give you the number of hours for that FTE.

    Example: 1.0 FTE is 7.5 hours, 0.75 FTE is 5.625 hours, 0.50 FTE is 3.75 hours, 0.25 FTE is 1.875 hours

    2016-2017 Personal Leave Issuance and Accrual Process

    (Effective 7/1/2016) All employees eligible for personal leave will be advanced 3 days of leave at the beginning of each school fiscal year with the balance of their annual leave allotment issued as an accrual each pay pay period.

    Employees that start after the start of the fiscal year will have their issuance of leave time pro-rated based upon their start date and the remaining pay periods in the year.

    Employees who leave the district before their leave time is earned will have any monies owed to the district deducted from their final paycheck.

    The time value of a personal leave day is based upon the employees’ standard schedule in the system.  For example, if a classified employee is scheduled to work 5 hours per day, a full day of leave for this employee is 5 hours.

    Negative leave will no longer be allowed.  Any employee taking leave beyond the amount in their leave bank will have their paycheck reduced by the amount of time missed.  Employees are to note that taking time beyond what is issued to them may result in disciplinary action.

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  • How will I be paid?

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    FUSD is on a bi-monthly pay period schedule. 

    9 month, will be paid by hours submitted on time card.

    10 month, 11 month, 12 month Classified will turn in time cards but will elect spread pay over 12 months or spread pay over the number of months actually worked.

    Certified Employees can elect spread pay over 12 months or spread pay over the number of months actually worked.

    Administrators (Certified or Classified) can elect spread pay over 12 months or spread pay over the number of months actually worked.

    Spread pay is the process of taking the contract salary and dividing it evenly by the number of pay periods, either year round or during time worked.

    Certified and Administrators sign contracts based on a contract salary.

    Classified (10, 11, 12 month) get an employment summary and their contract salary is derived by hours per day times days per year times hourly rate.

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  • What benefits can I expect to receive?

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    You are eligible to receive benefits if you work 30 or more hours per week.

    Insurance coverage is dependent on your date of hire. If your date of hire is the 1st – 16th of the month, your coverage will begin the following month.  If your date of hire is the 17th – 31st your coverage will begin the month following next. 
    • Example: If you are hired January 14th, your coverage will begin February 1st.
    • Example: If you are hired January 20th, your coverage will begin March 1st.

    Benefits include Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance. Anyone who works 20 or more hours per week will be enrolled in the Arizona State Retirement System program. In addition, FUSD is part of the NAPEBT Wellness Incentive Program and has exclusive use of the Vera Clinic.  Please visit our Benefits page to learn more. 

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  • I don't have my social security card. Can I still complete my new hire paperwork?

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    Sorry, but we will need your social security card so that we may make a copy for payroll purposes. If you have lost your social security or need to complete a name change, please go to your local social security office to order a copy.

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  • Who do I contact if I have more questions?

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    Contact Human Resources at 928-527-6070 or email hr@fusd1.org

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