Property Management will maintain an inventory of Land, Furniture, Equipment, Buildings and Building Improvements.

    ALL items that are removed from District property without using the District Disposal Procedures will remain on an asset listing until a full accounting is done by the Site Administrator.
     Surplus Materials
    Disposition of district materials, regardless of value,  must first go through proper disposal methods through the Property Control office.
    Administrators may not arbitrarily dispose of any furniture, equipment or other FUSD property.
    The Arizona Administrative Code (R7-2-1131 C. 5.) from the State Board of  Education  for Materials Management and Disposition states:
    "An employee of the school district or a governing board member shall not directly or indirectly purchase or agree with another person to purchase surplus property if said employee or board member is, or has been, directly or indirectly involved in the purchase, disposal, maintenance, or preparation for sale of the surplus material."
     District Disposal Procedures
    Site and Department Administrators must adhere to the following:
    • Non-Technology equipment must be reported to the Property Control office on the "Request for Authorization to Dispose of Non-Technology" form.  This form should be filled out, signed by the Site Administrator and sent to Property Control.
    • Computers, that are no longer wanted, must first be wiped by putting in a work order with Tech Services.  This means you will need an additional signature from Tech Services along with your site Administrator's before Property Management can schedule a pick-up.  Please use the "Request for Authorization to Dispose of Technology" form for all technology of this nature.
    • Sites may not transfer items directly to another site and staff may not remove items from one location for their use at another location without notifying the proper Department Administrator and Property Control.    
    • Surplus items that are reported on Disposal forms will be assessed for reassignment within the District or for salvage or resale value.
    • Surplus items that cannot be reassigned will be taken to Northern Arizona University's Surplus Property facility for resale on behalf of FUSD. 
    • Surplus property being removed by the Facilities (Maintenance) department MUST be reported through FUSD disposal procedures wither by the Site Administrator or by Facilities staff.  Such items would include heavy, oversized, dangerous or unsafe equipment.  Equipment being broken down, disassembled or replaced (such as old heating or cooling units that still function) will also be taken to NAU Surplus Property, but should always be reported before it leaves the District. 
    • NO surplus property should be awarded to or be taken away by FUSD staff as junk they can use for personal reasons.
    The following guidelines must be adhered to for accepting any donated assets (land, buildings, improvements, equipment, furniture, vehicles, material, etc.) to the District.
    All donations must come through property control to be approved by the board regardless of the fair market value, yes even if it's $0.
    Any site or department that is receiving donated assets on behalf of FUSD must fill out a Gifts and Donation form, have the site Principal or Director sign and date the form and get it submitted to Property Control. 
    • The asset/s being donated should not be accepted  until the donation and its acceptance process is completed as follows:
      • Donation form is filled out and submitted to Property Control
      • Computer donations must meet Tech Services minimal requirements for operating system, speed and memory.  Use this link to review all proposed computer donations.  Any computer unit not meeting these requirements should be declined.
    The capital assets manual contains information that is updated periodically.
    If you have any questions please contact:
    Nicholas Beasley
    FUSD Property Control
    P: 527-2329
    F: 527-2340