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    To Get Notifications on Future Bids, Register Here:  http://azpurchasing.org/


    Vendor Registration for Bids and Proposals
    FUSD has contracted with AZPurchasing.org to facilitate its vendor registration and potential bidders list on-line.

    AZ Purchasing    Arizona Purchasing is a website dedicated to Arizona School Districts for the purposes of developing a central and statewide prospective bidder's list, posting solicitations and requests for quotations online more effectively disseminate solicitation information to the vendor and educational buyer communities. The mission of Arizona Purchasing is to provide Arizona school districts with web based tools to more efficiently manage prospective bidders and solicitations whereby providing effective communication to the vendor community. 

    The Flagstaff Unified School District is requesting vendors to complete an online registration using the link below. Registration is not necessary if you have completed a Vendor Registration Application at AZPurchasing.org. However, please be sure to indicate Coconino County to receive Flagstaff Unified School District's solicitations.

    Vendor registration can be completed using the following link: http://www.azpurchasing.org/vendorform.asp


    Statewide vendor registration links:


    To assist vendors with the task of registering with multiple government entities such as the State, school districts, cities, counties and other public entities, click here for a list of website links.
    Every attempt has been made to provide a link directly to the entity's vendor registration site. Be aware that not all public entities have an on-line registration system.
    This information has been posted as a courtesy to the vendor community.