Flagstaff Unified School District - Long Term Financial Planning

  • Great public schools are key to the success of our community, our economy, and the state of Arizona

    Quality education, with sustainable, adequate and equitable funding, is needed if we are going to prepare Flagstaff students to be our future leaders, caretakers, innovators and citizens. Current educational funding in the state of Arizona has resulted in challenges in attracting and retaining teachers and staff, maintaining aging facilities and buses, and keeping pace with the increasing demands of technology for teaching, learning and assessment. Fortunately, the Flagstaff community’s support in past elections has provided additional funding to help the district maintain programs during these difficult financial times. We are very appreciative of the community’s support of the Flagstaff Unified School District – sharing time as volunteers, expertise as community partners, and investing tax dollars in students’ education.

    The FUSD Governing Board and Administration have engaged in discussions related to long-term financial planning and are considering funding options, which could be authorized by the local voters of Flagstaff on the November 6, 2018 ballot regarding Bond Authorization and a Maintenance and Operations Override renewal. The following information is intended to provide our community with information about the financial impact of possible ballot measures.

  • Appropriate Uses of Funding

  • FUSD Capital Funding

  • Uses of Bond Proceeds through Time

  • FUSD Maintenance and Operations Spending