Statement of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

    Mission Statement:

    Creating opportunities for you to discover your path to excellence.

     Vision Statement

    The premiere educational choice for the greater Flagstaff community.


    We value: 

    ·         Innovation, by leading the way into the uncertain realm of opportunity.

    ·         High standards with high expectations, supported by shared accountability.

    ·         The diversity of our people, our programs and the accessibility to them.

    ·         Our community and being intentional stewards of the relationships within.

    ·         Inclusivity of all, by ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.


    1)    Maintain and Improve Comprehensive Student Opportunities and Services

    2)    Recruit and Retain Highly Qualified, Motivated, and Excelling Staff

    3)    Improve Student Preparedness and Mastery

    4)    Research and Create Desirable and Relevant Educational Opportunities and Services

    5)    Increase Public Engagement and Support for FUSD

         6) Develop Diversified Partnerships and Revenue Opportunities