Strategic Plan

  • Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) has a long history of offering a comprehensive and rigorous educational experience for all students. We seek to ensure that all students, regardless of external factors, have access to the champions and enriching experiences essential to promote academic and personal development. We are intensely focused on improving all schools within our district to ensure that we live out this purpose in our daily work, with every child we serve.

    Our Mission: The Flagstaff Unified School District fosters safe communities where learners of all backgrounds and abilities are supported to gain the confidence and skills needed to pursue their chosen paths.

    Our Vision: Our learners are empowered with the skills and creativity necessary to contribute in a rapidly changing and complex world.

    Core Values: We believe that engaging in continuous improvement and living out our core values are essential to fulfilling our purpose. Our core values include a commitment to learning, culture of innovation, and a growth mindset to guide our decision-making and efforts as we move closer to our vision of success.

    Our Focus: We are committed to living out our purpose and continuously improving our system. We recognize that fulfilling this commitment requires us to be rooted in focus, persistence, and relentless intentionality. These areas reflect our commitment to creating an educational system that drives excellent outcomes for all children. We believe that each of us play a role in ensuring the system can fulfill its full potential and that children, employees, and our community are empowered to make their full contribution to this shared result.

Strategic Plan Focus Areas