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    2019-2020 Organizational Chart


    FUSD Governing Board

    President - Anne Dunno

    Clerk - Carole Gilmore

    Members: Christine Fredericks, Kara Kelty, Carol Haden



    Michael A. Penca


    Board Secretary 

    K. Branges


    Assistant Superintendent (Curriculum & Instruction) - Mary K. Walton

    Bilingual Education - C. Noble

    College & Career Dev. - D. Dirksen

    Driver’s Ed/Summer Sch. - C. Everett

    Education Enrichment - F. Garcia

    Environmental Education - M. Giannola

    Exceptional Student Serv. - S. Smith

    Indian Education - G. Hale

    K-12 Math Coordinator - J. Gaun

    Online Learning - R. Rosales

    Prof. Development - D. Trubakoff

    Research & Assess. - R. Hagstrom

    Student Support Services - C. Cox

    Technology - M. Knight


    Assistant Superintendent (Operations) - Bob Kuhn

    Facility Rental & Leasing - E. Keller

    Maintenance/Facilities - S. Wallace

    Food Services - T. Williams

    Materials & Cont. Mgt - K. Aringdale

    Risk Management - E. Keller

    Transportation - P. Fleming


    Director (Human Resources) - Dawn Anderson

    Background Checks

    Classified Staff Management


    Employee Benefits

    Employee Relations & Retention

    Performance Evaluation Systems

    Policy Procedures

    Position Certification/HQ Process


    Substitute Staff Management

    Worker's Compensation - S. Billings-Reber

    Communications and Public Relations - Z. Fountain


    Director (Finance/Budgeting) - Scott Walmer

    Accounting - G. Stevens

    Accounts Payable

    Accounts Receivable

    Annual Financial Reports


    Completion Report

    Grants Completion Reports

    Payroll - C. Davis



    Cromer - T. Gordon

    DeMiguel - N. Wilson

    Killip - J. Gutierrez

    Kinsey - E. Herman

    Knoles - P. Galvan

    Leupp - R. Chee

    Marshall - J. Reasor

    Puente - R. Kelty

    Sechrist - J. Albert

    Thomas - G. Biggs

    MEMS - T. Nelson

    Sinagua - T. Popham

    Coconico HS - S. Zanzucchi

    FHS - T. Cullen

    Summit HS - C. Koenker