• 2016-2017 Personal Leave Issuance and Accrual Process - (Effective 7/1/2016) All employees eligible for personal leave will be advanced 3 days of leave at the beginning of each school fiscal year with the balance of their annual leave allotment issued as an accrual each pay pay period.

    Employees that start after the start of the fiscal year will have their issuance of leave time pro-rated based upon their start date and the remaining pay periods in the year.

    Employees who leave the district before their leave time is earned will have any monies owed to the district deducted from their final paycheck.

    The time value of a personal leave day is based upon the employees’ standard schedule in the system.  For example, if a classified employee is scheduled to work 5 hours per day, a full day of leave for this employee is 5 hours.

    Negative leave will no longer be allowed.  Any employee taking leave beyond the amount in their leave bank will have their paycheck reduced by the amount of time missed.  Employees are to note that taking time beyond what is issued to them may result in disciplinary action.

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