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AP Statistics Textbook Adoption

March 7, 2024

The Flagstaff Unified School District is in the process of adopting a new textbook for the Advanced Placement Statistics course offered at Coconino High School and Flagstaff High School. According to Board Policy (5-207, Curriculum Adoption), materials recommended by the materials adoption committee will be placed on public display for 60 days prior to the board meeting at which the Governing Board will consider the adoption as per the committee’s final recommendation. The proposed curriculum adoption materials are currently being piloted by a teacher at each of the high schools listed above.

This adoption will include textbooks or e-books and online resources for teachers. You can view the textbook at the Flagstaff Unified School District Administrative Office located at 3285 E. Sparrow Ave. from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. until May 17, 2024. The textbook is located in the Curriculum and Instruction office for review.