Who can help at your school?


    ELL Specialists work closely with the Principal, faculty, and staff at each school to ensure that our English Language Learners acquire the language skills necessary to succeed in life and in the classroom.  If you have questions about the English Language Acquisition Program at your child's school please contact the ELL Specialist listed below.  You may also contact the ELL Specialist listed to arrange for a school visit.  

  • Cromer Elementary School & Leupp Public School
  • Killip Elementary School
  • Kinsey Inquiry and Discovery School & Sechrist Elementary School
  • Marshall Magnet School
  • Mount Elden Middle School & Flagstaff High School
  • Puente de Hozho Elementary School
  • Sinagua Middle School, Coconino High School, & Summit High School
  • Thomas Elementary School
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