What is an ELL?

  • What is an ELL?

    An English Language Learner (ELL) is a student who lives in a home where a language other than English is spoken and is determined to have limited English proficiency.

    How do you get to be an ELL?

    All parents fill out a Home Language Survey when they register their children in any FUSD school. If a parent or guardian indicates that a language other than English is spoken in the home, the student is tested to see if he/she is proficient in English. We use the state mandated Arizona English Language Learner Assessment or AZELLA for testing. Students who are not proficient in English are classified as ELL. ELL's are retested yearly to measure their progress.

    What programs and services are available for English Language Learners?

    The district offers these different ELL programs: 

    • Structured English Immersion (SEI): ELLs receive four hours of intensive English instruction each day in conversation, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.
    • Individualized Language Learner Plan (ILLP): ELLs receive four hours of intensive English instruction in a regular mainstream class. The teacher develops an individualized plan to ensure that language development needs are being met.
    • Bilingual Education: These programs are offered at Puente de Hozho Tri-lingual Elementary Magnet School and Puente de Hozho MS Academy. Parents must sign a parental waiver for their child to participate in a bilingual program. If the waiver is accepted, the student can participate in either the Spanish/English Dual Language Program or the Navajo Immersion Program. The goal of these programs is for students to become proficient speakers, readers, and writers of English and another language (Spanish or Navajo).

    What are the goals of the English Language Learner programs?

    • Our primary goal is for all ELLs to become proficient speakers, readers, and writers of English.
    • Our other major goal is to prepare ELLs to meet or exceed state academic standards.

    Are English Language Learners eligible for other programs and services?

    Absolutely! All students have equal opportunities to participate in all district programs. For example, some ELL's may qualify for the gifted program. Others may qualify for Special Education services.

    Does my child have to participate in the program?

    Parents have the right to remove their child from the program if they do not want them to receive language learning services.

    Who can help?

    • If you have general questions about our English Language Learner programs, you may call the district office at (928) 527-6107.

    • If you have specific questions about your child's ELL program, you may call the school and ask to speak to the ELL Specialist.