•  Meal Charge Policy

    The goal of Flagstaff Unified School District #1 is to give every child the opportunity to eat a well-balanced meal.

    The procedure for managing meal charges will be as follows:

    In our elementary schools only, if a child is on “paid” or “reduced” status and does not have the means of paying for a meal, we do allow (3) charges.

    Middle school and high school students may not charge school meals.  This means students on “paid” or “reduced” status will need to have a credit balance on their food service account, or have payment at the time of the meal service.

    When a student has a negative balance, a notice (e-mail and letter in the mail) will be sent to the parent.


    meal prices  
    Breakfast costs $1.75; lunch costs $3.00 (Elementary) and $3.10 (Mid/High). Reduced price is $ .30 for breakfast and $ .40 for lunch.  
    Please call the Food Service office at 928-527-6090 if you have any questions.