FUSD Override and Bond Information

  • Prop #447 Override

    Proposition No. 447 requests voter authorization to exceed the Maintenance and Operations Budget Limit by 15% of the revenue control limit to fund existing programs which challenge and prepare students for success for a period of seven years.  Overrides in Arizona must be renewed every five years or they begin a two-year phase down with complete elimination after the seventh year if not renewed.  The existing override is scheduled to begin a phase down in the 2024-2025 year unless renewed by voters. 

    This override supports the District’s efforts to help maintain and enhance present levels of service:

    • Ensuring compliance with State mandates

    • Maintaining current class size with an emphasis at the primary grades

    • Full-day Kindergarten (currently funded by State for 1/2 day)

    • Art, Music, and Physical Education in elementary schools

    • Extra-curricular programs

    • Gifted Education, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and STEM programs

    • Maintaining all current programs and services to the extent possible

    The estimated secondary tax rate needed to fund the full override is $55 per $100,000 of net assessed valuation for secondary tax purposes and is approximately equal to the existing secondary tax rate for the current override.  Since this is a continuation of the current override, homeowners will not experience an additional tax increase because of the override.

    Learn more about the budget override election, Prop #447, here.


    Prop #448 Bond

    Proposition No. 448 requests voter authorization for the Flagstaff Unified School District to issue general obligation bonds in principal amount not to exceed $100 million to provide funds for the following purposes:  

    • Constructing school buildings

    • Renovating school buildings

    • Purchasing pupil transportation vehicles

    • Acquiring by purchase or lease school lots

    • Improving school grounds, including adjacent ways thereto

    • Supplying school buildings with furniture, equipment and technology

    • Liquidating indebtedness incurred for the purposes set forth herein

    • Providing all utilities and other capital items necessary for the construction and renovation of school buildings and for improving school grounds

    • Paying all architectural, design, engineering, project and construction management and other costs incurred in connection with the purposes set forth above

    • Paying all legal, financial and other costs in connection with issuance of the bonds

    The estimated secondary tax rate needed to fund the $100 million bond program is $40.42 per $100,000 of net assessed valuation for secondary tax purposes and is an increase of 35 cents per $100,000 of net assessed valuation per month from the current rate. 

    Learn more about the bond election, Prop #448, here.

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