2018 Voter Approved Bond

  • April 18, 2022

    As Superintendent of the Flagstaff Unified School District, I am proud to provide you with an update about our progress to improve the environments and resources that support the learning of our students.  With authorization by District voters, who approved a 75 million dollar bond program in November 2018, FUSD has been given the opportunity to responsibly invest in several projects to enhance our services and programs.

    I understand that during the last two years of the pandemic, your access may have been limited to see the progress and many improvements made across the district, so I want to highlight the major projects that have been funded by the 2018 Bond including:

    • the renovation of Mount Elden Middle School which consists of construction of a new two-story wing containing science classrooms and a media center, and renovations to enhance learning spaces for STEM, performing arts, special education programs, and outdoor learning, 

    • the design and construction of a new Killip Elementary that will open for the new school in year in August 2022, and partnership with the City of Flagstaff to mitigate the impacts of flooding on the site and surrounding neighborhood, 

    • installation of energy-efficient LED lighting at all schools and sites and new boilers at Mount Elden and Sinagua Middle Schools and Flagstaff High School,

    • renovations of the restrooms at Marshall and Thomas Elementaries and Sinagua Middle School, and accessible entrances at Thomas and Knoles Elementaries and Coconino High School,

    • replacements of the artificial fields and tracks at Coconino and Flagstaff High Schools and the recreation field replacement at Cromer Elementary,

    • Roofing and HVAC repairs at Summit High School,

    • installation of Kalwall to provide natural light and energy efficiency at Puente de Hozho, Sechrist, and Thomas Elementaries,

    • purchase of iPad devices for each FUSD student, installation of Apple TV and projection equipment in classrooms, and replacement of staff workstations and laptops,

    • and the purchase of new buses and vehicles for transporting students.

    I would like to express my gratitude to Assistant Superintendent of Operations Bob Kuhn for his leadership and daily monitoring of these many projects, and the many FUSD staff that have been instrumental in this success.  Thank you also to the community members who serve on the FUSD Bond Oversight Committee who meet monthly to review and discuss projects funded by the 2018 Bond and recommend fund expenditures to the Governing Board, and to the many contractors and subcontractors who have partnered with our District.   

    Last month, the FUSD Governing Board authorized the third and final sale of bonds from the 75 million dollar bond program to ensure funding is available on the timelines needed for upcoming projects and to get ahead of rising interest rates and material costs.  In the next few years, the funds from this final bond sale will primarily be used to for the accessibility and elevator project at the front entrance of Sinagua Middle School, renovation of the mini-auditorium at Coconino High School, stair and entrance improvements at DeMiguel Elementary, accessibility and drainage improvements at the Knoles Elementary playground, security camera replacements at prioritized school campuses, replacement of staff and student laptops and iPad devices, and the additional purchase of buses and vehicles for transporting students.

    Currently, the Flagstaff Unified School District is engaged in a bond advisory and master planning process to determine our future needs which includes assessment of facilities with cost estimates for needed improvements, and stakeholder engagement to prioritize projects.  In partnership with Facility Management Group, walkthroughs and assessments of each school and site were conducted in January and February and interviews facilitated with each of the school principals.  A Bond Steering Committee, consisting of about 40 FUSD staff, parents, and community members is meeting in March, April, and May to discuss and prioritize the District’s needs.  Work sessions will be held with the Bond Oversight Committee and Governing Board in May to share information and gather their input.  In early June, the Governing Board will consider the need to call for an election for a future bond program.  

    These are exciting times for the Flagstaff Unified School District as we continue to make progress to better support our students, families and staff.  The next time you are in our schools, I hope you will take note of the many improvements that have been made. 

    Michael Penca

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