2022 Proposed Bond Information

  • The Flagstaff Unified School District’s governing board called for an election on June 14, 2022, to authorize a $100 million bond for the upcoming November 2022 election. During the June 14 governing board meeting, the following report was presented by the Office of the Superintendent:

    After assessment of FUSD’s facilities, interviews with staff, and discussion of priorities, a Bond Steering Committee, comprised of staff, parents, and community stakeholders, recommended low ($75 million) and medium ($100 million) Bond Options/Projects. These were discussed with the governing board at a work session on May 23, 2022. A high ($125 million) option was considered, but not recommended by the committee. 

    The superintendent recommended the governing board adopt a resolution to call for a bond election on November 8, 2022, in the amount of $100 million to fund capital improvements over and above those funded by the state. If approved by the voters, the $100 million bond is projected to increase the secondary property tax rate by approximately $0.05 - $0.06 above the current rate. It is estimated that a six (6) cent increase in tax rate will cost a homeowner with a home valued at $100,000, an additional $0.35 per month, or a homeowner, with a home valued at $200,000, an additional $0.70 per month.

    A general outline of the prioritized projects utilizing a $100 million bond issue includes:

    • $25 million - Replacement/Rebuild, and possible relocation, of Kinsey Elementary
    • $25 million - Replacement/Rebuild, and possible relocation, of Marshall Elementary
    • $12 million - Replacement/Rebuild of Transportation and Maintenance Facilities
    • $12 million - Major maintenance life cycle projects
    • $5 million - Camp Colton Master Plan improvements
    • $6 million - Campus-specific projects
    • $7 million - Bus/Transportation fleet replacement
    • $8 million - Technology replacements and upgrades

    Kinsey Elementary School, constructed in 1957 and located at 1601 S. Lonetree Road, requires extensive repair and replacement of aged systems. The facility does not meet the current building code, ADA compliance requirements, and the needs of next-generation learning environments. Replacement/rebuild of the school is recommended. Relocation of the school may be considered due to site drainage issues, traffic, safety, and noise concerns due to the planned expansion of South Lone Tree Road, and an opportunity to strategically locate the school near planned future residential and commercial development in the Flagstaff community. 

    Marshall Elementary School, constructed in 1952 and located at 850 N. Bonito Street, requires extensive repair and replacement of aged systems. The facility does not support the next-generation learning needs of its magnet and special education programs. Replacement/rebuild of the school is recommended. Relocation of the school may be considered due to safety concerns of students crossing Bonito Street, the current location of the school in the Rio de Flag floodplain, and the opportunity to address needed campus and parking improvements on the Flagstaff High School confined to campus and community needs in the area.

    Transportation and Maintenance Facilities require extensive repair and replacement to address aged systems and safety issues. The current facilities do not support infrastructure for needed equipment and technology advances, such as electric and alternative fuel vehicles, adequate storage and security, and amenities for employees.

    Major Maintenance Life Cycle Projects include interior (flooring, wall finishes, doors/door hardware, restroom upgrades/accessibility, HVAC) and exterior (roofing, parking areas, playgrounds, fencing) improvements. 

    Camp Colton Master Plan Improvements will increase program capacity for students’ outdoor learning experiences. Camp Colton programs have connected FUSD and non-FUSD students with nature for over 50 years and are an integrated component of K-12 education programs. Improvements to Camp Colton would be funded in partnership with the Friends of Camp Colton non-profit organization and private donors. 

    Campus Specific Improvements include support for next-generation learning environments (flexible, multi-use space and furniture, outdoor learning and play spaces, natural light and views, community spaces, inclusive of cultural identities) and campus-specific projects by the site (security, dining areas, auditorium, artificial field). 

    Transportation/Bus Fleet Replacements address needs to replace high-mileage buses due to transportation of over 2,000 daily riders within the largest school district geographically in Arizona at 4,427 sq. miles, and plan to transition to low-emission alternative fuel and electric vehicles.

    Technology Replacement and Upgrades include student and staff device refreshes, infrastructure and cybersecurity, future-ready classrooms, and safety and security equipment. 

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    Important Dates

    • August 12, 2022 - Deadline to submit “For” or “Against” arguments regarding the override and bond elections to the Coconino County School Superintendent’s Office
    • October 11, 2022 - Last day to register to vote
    • October 12, 2022 - Early voting begins and ballots mailed
    • October 28, 2022 - Last day to request a ballot to be mailed
    • November 4, 2022 - Last day to vote early in person
    • November 8, 2022 - Election Day