Health & Safety

  • Your child will be more alert and happy in school if you help him or her get a good start on the day.

    Your child should

    • Get plenty of sleep. Ten to twelve hours is recommended.
    • Have a good, healthy diet, including a good breakfast and plenty of water throughout the day.
    • Get up in plenty of time to get ready for school so you and your child don't have to hurry.

    If your child is ill

    • Keep him or her home from school.
    • Be alert to symptoms such as upset stomach, runny nose, fever, sore throat, or an unexplained rash with fever.
    • Check with your doctor for diagnosis, treatment, and the proper time to return to school.

    If your child becomes ill at school

    He or she will be sent t the school office or school nurse. You will be called if there is an illness or injury that requires treatment or if we feel your child should go home.

    Medications at School

    If your child needs to take any medications at school, the parent or guardian needs to bring it in the original container and sign a consent form in the school nurse’s office.
    Please keep your child’s emergency card updated when you move or if you change work, cell or home phone numbers. It’s critical that we know how to reach you! Please notify the nurse’s office of any previous hospitalizations or chronic health conditions your child may have.