Kindergarten Assessment

  • Initial Screening

    Each incoming kindergarten child will be screened by trained school personnel prior to the beginning of school or within the first two weeks. This is to give the teacher a good understanding of the knowledge the child brings to school with them so that they might best meet your child's individual needs. The school will call or write for an appointment if the screening is to be done outside regular school hours.

    Ongoing Assessment

    FUSD kindergarten staff have developed a "Kindergarten Development Assessment" tool which is directly linked to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. Visit to learn more about the new College and Career Ready Standards on the Department of Education website.

    Students are assessed on an ongoing basis with reports provided to parents a minimum of four times per year. The assessment criteria is appropriate to the developmental level of our five and six-year-olds and is reported to parents in the following format:

    S Uses Skill Effectively & Consistently
    P Progressing
    N Needs More Time and Help