FUSD Special Education Preschool Sites

  • Currently, FUSD has preschools serving students with special needs at the following locations*:

    Cromer Elementary School
    7150 E. Silver Saddle
    Flagstaff, AZ  86004
    (928) 773-4150

    DeMiguel Elementary School
    3500 S. Gillenwater
    Flagstaff, AZ  86001
    (928) 773-4000

    Kinsey Elementary School
    1601 S. Lone Tree Road
    Flagstaff, AZ  86001
    (928) 773-4060

    Knoles Elementary School
    4005 E. Butler Avenue
    Flagstaff, AZ  86004
    (928) 773-4120

    Leupp Elementary School
    40 miles east of Flagstaff
    (928) 686-6266

    Sechrist Elementary School
    2230 N. Fort Valley Road
    Flagstaff, AZ  86001
    (9280 773-4020

    Thomas Elementary School
    3330 E. Lockett Road
    Flagstaff, AZ  86004
    (928) 773-4110

    *Please note that these sites may change each school year based on the number of preschoolers enrolled.  Also, the school boundaries for the special needs preschool are different than the boundaries for students enrolled in grades K-12.  Please contact the Preschool Evaluation Team at (928) 773-4148 with questions about preschool boundaries.