• Move on When Reading

    Move on When Reading

    Arizona law A.R.S. §15-701, also known as the "Move On When Reading" policy, requires that a student not be promoted from third grade to fourth grade if he or she scores at the "falls far below" level on the state's third grade reading test (AzMERIT). "Falls far below" indicates that the child is reading at a much lower level than is expected of a third-grader and needs additional help.
    In accordance with the new law, a district may only promote a pupil who earns a score on the state reading test that “falls far below” the third grade level for one of the following reasons:

    ·    *   A student is an English Language Learner who has had less than two years of English instruction.

      A student with disabilities whose individualized education plan (IEP) team, as well as the parent or guardian, agree that promotion is appropriate based on the student’s IEP.

    This law applies to all 3rd grade students.

    Learn more at http://www.azed.gov/mowr/



    Reading Instruction

    FUSD elementary schools offer a minimum of 90 minutes of Reading/Language Arts instruction each day. Reading instruction is aligned with the Arizona English Language Arts Standards.


    FUSD offers language arts curriculum and intervention programs that are aligned with the Arizona English Language Arts Standards and provides teachers with resources to help them meet the needs of all students in their classrooms.


    Response to Intervention

    Response to Intervention (RTI) is a three-tier system in place in FUSD elementary schools to ensure that students receive the instructional assistance they need.

    Tier I

    * 90 minutes of classroom instruction including differentiated instruction, one-on-one, and small groups. 

    Tier II

    * 30 minutes of small group intervention in addition to classroom instruction (Tier 1).

    Tier III

    * 30 minutes of intensive small group intervention that targets specific skill deficits. Tier III intervention is in addition to Tier I and Tier II.



    Other Reading Assistance

    Several other options to support reading instruction are available throughout the District.


    * "iREAD" utilizes iPads for Reading Engagement, Achievement & Development to support classroom reading instruction. 

         Learn more at: https://www.fusd1.org/Domain/1120 

    * Free tutoring is offered at the Family Resource Center for all FUSD students. Call 774-1103 to register.


    * Some teachers offer after-school tutoring in the schools. Ask your school for information.


    * The FACTS before– and after-school program offers homework assistance and reading time.  Contact the FACTS team leader at your child’s school for information. 

    * English Language Learners receive specialized support through the district’s Bilingual Education program.



    What Parents Can Do

    If you are concerned about your child’s progress in reading, set up a conference with your child’s teacher to discuss concerns and intervention options. Your child’s teacher can also recommend appropriate reading materials and activities for your child to practice at home each night.

        *Read with and to your child every day! They’ll develop a love for reading while learning with you.

        *Visit https://www.fusd1.org/goodreaders for links to websites and iPad applications that offer activities you can do at home.