Move on When Reading

  • Arizona law A.R.S. §15-701, also known as the "Move On When Reading" policy, requires that Arizona students struggling to read receive the necessary support, including possible retention if the student scores minimally proficient on the third grade reading portion of the AzM2 statewide assessment.

    A third grader who does not demonstrate sufficient reading skills may be promoted to fourth grade if the student meets one of the following criteria:
    •  A student is an English Language Learner who has had less than two years of English instruction.
    •  A student with disabilities whose IEP (Individualized Education Plan) Team, as well as the parent or guardian, agree that promotion is appropriate based on the student's IEP.
    •  The student is in the process of a Special Education referral or evaluation for placement in Special Education and/or has been diagnosed as having significant reading impairment, including dsylexia.
    •  The student has demonstrated or subsequently demonstrates sufficient reading skills or adequate progress towards sufficient reading skills of the 3rd grade reading standards as evidenced through a collection of reading assessments approved by the State Board.
    •  The student receives intervention and remedial services during the summer and demonstrates sufficient progress based on Arizona guidelines.
  • What Parents Can Do

    As a parent, you can also help you child by:

    •  Reading with and to your child every day!

    •  Working with your child's teacher to find appropriate reading materials and activities for your child to practice at home each night.

    •  Reviewing the MOWR brochure for more information on Lexile scores and how you can use them to help your child choose appropraitely leveled books to read at home.

  • Response to Intervention

    Response to Intervention (RTI) is a three-tier system in place in FUSD elementary schools to ensure that students receive the instructional assistance they need.

    Tier I - 90 minutes of classroom instruction including differentiated instruction, one-on-one, and small groups

    Tier II - 30 additional minutes of small group intervention, in addition to Tier I

    Tier III - 30 additional minutes of intensive small group interventions that target specific skill deficits, in addition to Tier II and Tier III

  • Reading Instruction at Schools

    •  Language Arts curriculum and intervention programs aligned with the Arizona English Language Arts Standards

    •  90 minutes of Reading/Language Arts instruction each day