Educational Enrichment Department

  • Educational Enrichment is responsible for a variety of projects to improve student learning, provide enrichment activities for children, expand family involvement in the schools, and support professional development opportunities for teachers. To learn more about any of the projects listed below, click on the links provided in the description or to the left.

    Some of the projects managed by the Educational Enrichment staff include:

    • Elementary & Secondary Education Act information and its impact on your child

    • Title I funding, the nation's largest federally-funded program

    • Our McKinney-Vento HomeStart program provides extra services for children and youth whose families are living in temporary, inadequate or substandard housing.

    • FACTS or "Family and Community Teaming for Students" is our out-of-school time program providing extra support for academic success and a wide variety of enrichment and recreation activities to broaden students' experiences.

    • The Family Resource Center, located at 4000 North Cummings Street near the Flagstaff Mall, provides information for families and schools in the district, referrals to schools and local agencies for needed services, parenting workshops, free homework assistance, and access to computers and the Internet. The FRC also offers books and videos for parents, as well as books and learning games for children that can be checked out on a short-term loan basis. Call (928) 774-1103 for more information.

    • Learn more about the district's Kindergarten services and our philosophy of early childhood education.  

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