English Language Acquisition

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    Name: Cindy Noble                            
    Title: ELL/Bilingual Director
    Email Address: cnoble@fusd1.org
    Phone number: 928-527-6108

    Name: Nancy Bridgman                    
    Title: Administrative Assistant
    Email Address: nbridgman@fusd1.org
    Phone Number: 928-527-6191

    Welcome to the English Language Acquisition homepage.

    Our goal is to ensure that our English language learners acquire the language skills necessary to succeed in life and in the classroom. 

    Our programs for English language learners are based upon the following assumptions:

    • Students from diverse family backgrounds are valuable resources to the school, to the community and to the nation.


    • People who can speak, read and write more than one language enjoy academic, social, financial and cultural advantages.

    • All students need to acquire their highest level of English language proficiency and literacy.

    • English Language Learners must have equal access to all district programs and opportunities.

    • Parent involvement greatly increases a student's likelihood of success in school.

    Our programs, teachers, staff, and resources are all focused on helping English Language Learners reach their highest potential.

    In addition, we support bilingual education through a dual language Spanish/English program and a nationally recognized Navajo language revitalization program. Click here for more information about our bilingual and Navajo language revitalization programs. This will connect you with the home page for Puente de Hozho Tri-lingual School.


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