Bus Rules

  • Bus Safety

    The Transportation Department has adopted a Discipline Matrix which attempts to address the majority of offenses which may occur on a school bus.  

    (Download and print with signature section: Bus Rules 2020-2021)

    FUSD Bus Safety

    For everyone's safety, students are expected to follow the school bus safety rules. Choosing to engage in unacceptable behavior will result in the denial of transportation privileges. Each student who rides the school bus is entitled to a safe, comfortable trip to and from school. Students must be respectful to the driver and all other riders. Misbehavior on a school bus is distracting to the driver and endangers all the passengers inside the bus and the traffic outside the bus. Parents will be contacted regarding unacceptable behavior.

    Kindergarten Students: This notice is to remind you the F.U.S.D. Transportation Department has implemented a departmental policy that states: There must be a parent or responsible party designated in writing by the parent or guardian at the bus stop to meet the bus for all kindergarten students. Siblings or friends 1st grade and above are acceptable escorts if the parent or guardian has made that designation in writing and provides the letter to the driver. If a responsible party is not at the bus stop, the student will be returned to the school. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause. In cases where there are numerous incidents of having to return the student to the school, it may result in denial of student’s bus riding privilege for 5 days.

    School Bus Rules: Good conduct is expected of all students while at the bus stop, school loading zone, and/or traveling to and from school or on school related activities. Bus riders are expected to be courteous and respectful to fellow students and the driver.

    Student Seating / Passenger Behavior:

    1.     The bus driver has complete charge of the bus. All passengers and non-passengers on the bus must comply with the driver’s instructions without delay. The driver has total discretion over all seat assignments.  

    2.     Students shall give their full correct name, grade, and school when asked by the driver. False identification or refusal to fully identify oneself is an extremely serious violation and will result in loss of riding privilege. Passengers must follow rules contained in FUSD District Bus Rules.

    3.     Students shall arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and line up in an orderly manner when they see the bus coming. Passengers who must cross the street shall cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus after the bus driver signals to do so - watch for traffic while crossing – do not run – do not cross behind the bus. (Students may inquire with the driver if there is a question regarding the correct departure time).

    4.     Passengers shall approach the bus after the passenger loading door is completely open, board, go directly to their seat and sit down. (Passengers may make a request for a change in their assigned seat).

    5.     Passengers shall immediately move over and share the seat without intimidating or discouraging by words or gestures any student from sitting in any seat. No saving seats.

    6.     Riders shall not stand or change seats without the driver’s permission, shall remain seated “back to back” and “bottom to bottom”, with their legs facing the front of the bus.  All parts of their body and carried on items shall be clear of the aisle. Riders shall not sit backwards or on their knees or backpacks.

    7.     Passengers shall not open windows or emergency exits, tamper with bus safety equipment (cameras, fire extinguishers, controls, etc.) unless directed to do so by driver.

    8.     Passengers shall not place any part of their body out of school bus window or door except while exiting through the passenger loading door. Passengers shall not pass or receive any object through the bus window.

    9.     Passengers will keep hands, backpacks, books and other objects to themselves and inside the bus.

    10.   Passengers shall maintain direct control of any object carried onto the school bus and not throw or cause any object to be propelled inside or out of the bus. All items brought on the bus must be in the students lap or on the floor at the student’s feet. No item shall occupy seating if space is needed for a passenger. No item will be in the aisle or obstruct exit. No item may jeopardize the safety of any passenger, including the one boarding with the item. The driver will consider the size and shape of the item in determining if an item is safe. All athletic equipment (including all balls) must remain put away in a bag / pack.

    11.   No food, drink, gum, seeds, etc. shall be consumed on the bus. Bottled water in clear plastic is allowed at the driver’s discretion.

    12.   Passengers shall not use threatening, profane, vulgar, or rude language or gestures, NO Fighting, hitting, slapping, pushing, shoving, choking, or any inappropriate touching are unacceptable regardless of intent.

    13.   Passengers shall use a classroom voice. Driver will determine if a passenger is too loud or distracting.

    14.   Passengers shall remain in their seats until the bus comes to a complete stop and the door is opened.

    15.   Students are to ride the bus from their assigned stop to school and from school to their assigned stop. 

    16.   Skateboards, scooters, or wheel shoes are not allowed on any bus at any time.

    17.   At the driver’s request, electronics must be put away. When listening to electronic devices earbuds must be worn and volume levels must be low enough to hear the drivers’ instruction. No external speakers are allowed. Failure to put electronics away may result in confiscation of electronic for the duration of the ride.

    18.   The following items are allowed on the bus only if they are not taken out, seen, or used on the bus at any time:  Cologne● perfume● body spray● air freshener● incense● sanitizers● powders● any liquid or aerosol spray● metal cans or metal drink containers.  If the above items are seen or used, infraction may jump immediately to the level of 3rd, 4th, or 5th offense under “Discipline Procedures”. 

    19.   Passengers shall not carry, provide, or be in possession of any prohibited items including but not limited to:  Weapon possession or threat (real or simulated of any size or material) or any item used as a weapon ● Guns, real, simulated, or toy of any size or material ● Tobacco in any form and in any quantity ● Vapes/Juuls, or any device designed to deliver an atomized or vaporized chemical ● Any beverage containing alcohol ●Animals, insects or reptiles alive or dead. (Service dogs are allowed) ● Glass objects, any item containing or made of glass (except eyeglasses) ● Explosive devices, fireworks of any kind, poppers, noise makers, stink device ● Match(s), lighter, or any item being used as an igniter of any kind ● Laser pen or pointer of any type •Knife or blade of any size or type ● Inflated balloons of any material ● Any item made of latex due to allergies ● Any item which may become a distraction or an obstruction to the driver’s vision. Possession of any prohibited item may immediately jump to level 4th or 5th offense under “Discipline Procedures”.

    *Bus Video Reports: Video and audio from all buses are routinely reviewed for training, safety, and or other inquires. During these reviews incidents may be discovered of which the driver was unaware. All incidents will be fully investigated in the same manner as reports generated by the driver.


    Discipline Procedures

    Depending upon the severity of the offense the normal disciplinary sequence is:

    First Offense/Warning: Driver will discuss infraction with student. Student may be assigned to a particular seat for a period of time determined by the driver.  Parents may be notified.

    Second Offense/First Report: Driver will discuss infraction with student and complete a "Bus Conduct Report" which is delivered to the Transportation Discipline Coordinator (DC) ASAP. DC and Transportation Director will discuss report, options, and possible consequences. Parents will be notified.

    Third Offense/Second Report: Driver will discuss infraction with student and complete “Bus Conduct Report” which is delivered to DC ASAP. DC notifies Director of Transportation, school, and parents to discuss options and consequences. Student may be suspended from all FUSD Transportation Vehicles a minimum of 5 days.

    Fourth Offense/Third Report: Bus Conduct Report is completed. DC notifies Director of Transportation, school, and parents. Student may be suspended from all FUSD Transportation Vehicles a minimum of 10 days. 

    Fifth Offense/Fourth Report: Bus Conduct Report completed. DC confers with Director and informs parents. Student may be suspended from all FUSD Transportation Vehicles up to the remainder of the school year.

    In addition to consequences given by Transportation, the school administrator always has the option to assign school consequences due to the school bus being an extension of the school the student attends.

    A school bus suspension means that a student will be denied riding privileges on all FUSD transportation including to and from school, 

    A student who rides or attempts to ride a school bus during a bus suspension will restart the suspension and have the number of days increased. The number of days will be determined by the Discipline Coordinator and/or the Director of Transportation.

    Bus Video and Audio Equipment

    All persons on or near a school bus are being video and audio recorded. The recordings are used for safety, training, disciplinary purposes, and or referral to law enforcement.

    During these reviews incidents may be discovered of which the driver was unaware. All incidents will be fully investigated in the same manner as reports generated by a driver.

    Examples of Serious Infractions:  Serious infractions may jump immediately to the level of third, fourth or fifth offense. These may include but are not limited to:  

    • Refusing to follow directions
    • Displaying a weapon
    • Bullying
    • Physical fighting
    • Threats or intimidation toward driver, aide or other students
    • Refusing to remain properly seated
    • Destruction of property (personal or District)
    • Disrespecting /distracting driver
    • Inappropriate touching
    • Horseplay
    • Cruel teasing, put downs, profanity or rude gestures
    • Sexual innuendoes or comments.
    • Dispense of any liquid or aerosol spray / hand sanitizer.

    Questions regarding student behavior/Discipline should be directed to: Student Discipline Department, 928-527-2313

    (Download and print with signature section: Bus Rules 2020-2021)